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August 10th 2017 is the deadline for Czech ISP’s to block website at their networks. The obligation to block this site has its roots in the regulation system of hazard in the Czech republic. It is the very first website to be blocked here in Czechia as a result adding it to the “List of prohibited internet games”.

Whalebone helps ISP’s worldwide to fight against malware, moreover, in the Czech Republic, we can solve the blocking of the above-mentioned website completely. There is one feed amongst many others called MFCR (an abbreviation of “Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic”) where will be added each new domain added to the official list mentioned above.

We aim to help ISP’s to fulfil their legal obligation without further investments of time, money or their work. We consider this responsibility as a part of our service to our customers.

Do you want to know more about it? Feel free to contact us or even use our chat here in the bottom right corner.

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