The Whalebone story

Connected means protected. We believe that the internet should be a place where people don’t have to worry about getting attacked. We aim to protect 1 billion internet users by 2023.

The Internet

We provide the best in class DNS resolution and always support the newest standards like DNSSEC or DoH.


Users value security only if it does not distract from their user experience. Therefore we put maximum effort into detection accuracy.

Data Privacy

Beside security we do the maximum to enforce strict data privacy rules even going beyond legal regulations like GDPR.


Whalebone is designed for both large networks of hundreds of millions users down to the smallest local networks.


We protect internet users on 3 continents – Europe, Asia and Africa


More than 100 Telcos, Corporates and ISPs trust Whalebone


Whalebone is the market leader in implementation time

“We believe that Whalebone contributes to a new standard, where the internet connection itself would be the guarantor of security, and thus to be connected will mean to be protected.”

Richard Malovič, CEO Whalebone

“Each day not having Whalebone launched is a chunk of revenue and profit missed for Telcos and exposure to threats for Corporates and ISPs. Whalebone is therefore designed to deliver the necessary quality & experience in the fastest time-to-market.”

Robert Šefr, CTO Whalebone


Whalebone team

The mix of senior security and business people with young talent makes Whalebone perfectly suited for the hyper growth and spread of the Whalebone technology across market segments and countries. Whalebone is continuously expanding its team of talented and experienced experts, if you’d like to join us, feel free to contact us today.

Advisory board

Martin Reitenspiess

Martin is a Senior Partner at Oliver Wyman and is leading the firm’s Communications Media and Technology practice in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and CEE. Martin is advising telecom and high-tech clients globally in strategy, marketing and technology for more than 25 years. Martin’s experience and market overview is a crucial element in Whalebone’s ability to drive global telco business.