Our story

“In 2015 we started to protect people and their devices online. From the very beginning we were searching for as simple as possible deployment setups – therefore we’ve decided to protect on the DNS resolution level. Most malware needs to connect to a domain to act properly that is why DNS resolution is an efficent spot for protection. 

Sometimes general public perceives internet connection as a threat. That is something we aim to change globally – together with collaborating Internet Providers and Corporates – internet connection shall become an element of security. 

Our goal is to protect 1 billion internet users by 2023.”

Tatra banka appreciated Whalebone´s solution

19. July 2018

Whalebone DNS was chosen as one of the top five finalists in the second edition of the International Elevator Lab SK.

Collaboration with ESET

14. June 2018

Working together to enhance both parties threat intelligence.

One hundred thousand protected households

20. December 2017

Whalebone has overcome over a hundred thousand protected households.

Telekom Austria Group

3. August 2017

Telekom Austria Group trusts Whalebone and starts commercial and technical partnership.


1. July 2017

Whalebone protects AERO Vodochody.

Research with ČVUT

20. October 2016

Whalebone to join forces with the Czech Technical University in Prague on Malware Domain Generation Algorithms.

Commercial operation

1. October 2016

Start of commercial operation.

Legal entity

30. May 2016

Legal entity Whalebone, s.r.o. has been set up.  


4. December 2015

Whalebone is a graduate of the StarCube accelerator and acquires special prize at StarCube demoday.    

Introducing the idea

6. September 2015

First presentation of the idea to potential customers.

Birth of Whalebone

1. April 2015

The idea of setting up the Whalebone was born.

Our Team

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