Identity Protection

Breaches of personal data can happen anywhere; personal or credit card data from an eshop, your passport from a car rental agency, your privacy data if you need to visit the hospital, and even when you post private photos to Facebook, etc.

‍Aura’s Identity Protection feature works scours the darknet, and other public and private sources, looking for customer data breaches. In contrast to other tools available, it is “always on” - working 24/7/365 to identify breached data, and does not require the user to enter their data every time they want to look for a breach. Furthermore, it works with all browsers, and is not restricted to one type of operating system.

The feature is integrated into Aura, increasing the overall performance and value of the product and -  because many users will find that a breach has occurred to them; of which they are unaware - show value from the moment of registration for Aura.

Finally, we recognize that finding out that personal data has been breached can be a nervous time for the user; so we categorized the data into group (e.g. financial, personal, credentials, etc.), and designed the interface to provide not only breach data, but also information not just about the breach itself, but about the severity of the breach, and what steps the user can take to mitigate any risks that come from it.