Reporting and Alerting

Providing a security solution to your customers is not easy if they cannot see the value of it. Yes, they are less bothered by malware and anything else that is malicious and comes with using today’s technology, but are they aware of the value they are getting from the solution they purchased for you? If not, how to demonstrate its value to your customers?

The customers have to be in the know and for that, you can use both Whalebone’s Reporting and Alerting features. With their help, your users are aware of what is going on and know how many threats your solution blocked.

Reporting can be delivered either through email and SMS, or the Telco can get the information directly through API calls and react to it in a way you please. A regular email reporting can be configured to be delivered either in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals. The report summarizes the related events (traffic overview and threats) for the users. With it, your users have a global view of the threats in their network.

Alerts can be delivered through various channels – through email, SMS, push notifications or API towards the Telco’s infrastructure which enables you to react in a way you please. They are delivered when a new threat is detected, the subscription is due to expire, and can have a direct link to the Retail Portal.

The Retail Portal supports all modern browsers in their latest versions:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

Users can configure the preferences, including the destination phone number for SMS or email address for the alerting and reporting features. Alternatively, they can disable these features, if they wish to do so.