VAS MeetUp 2022

Understand the importance of innovation through game-changing value added services.
How to choose the right product?
How to successfully launch it?
How to make it work in the long run?
Our great speakers will clarify this and more for you.

The webinar takes place on 14. 12. 2022. You have two options to join:

Whalebone Aura helps your B2C/SMB customers stay secure without the need to install anything on their devices, increasing adoption draA well-designed and executed VAS portfolio can bring you important revenue streams and enhance your customers’ experience. We chose relevant important speakers to guide you through all you need to know to do it well to quickly achieve great results and watch them further improve in time.

Why attend the webinar?

All Telcos need to think beyond their core services. The truth is, however, that not all value added services will be demanded by your customers and a proper mindset is necessary to get a successful portfolio. In this webinar, you will learn all the theory you need to know, but most importantly hear about real-life examples of unprecedented VAS success. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Watch and learn.