Whalebone RFP Series #3:
Michal Suster

From Launch to Legacy: Ensuring High Adoption Rates of Telco Consumer Security

November 21, 2023
4:00 - 4:40 PM CET

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About Whalebone RFP (Revenue from Protection) Series

While telecommunications operators all over the world are enriching their cybersecurity portfolios and launching mass-market consumer cybersecurity solutions, not all of them actually sell well. We will explore common mistakes as well as the most successful cases. Our RFP Series is looking at security from a business-first perspective to explore what makes all the difference. Make your business case about business.

About Whalebone

Whalebone brings next-generation digital life protection to T1 telcos, regional ISPs, enterprises, and governments worldwide. Their products already protect more than 300 companies and millions of their customers from malware, phishing schemes, and other malicious attacks targeted at all types of internet-connected devices. Whalebone’s mission is to bring cybersecurity to 1 billion internet users by the end of the decade.

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