Eliminate consumer oriented malware and phishing campaigns



What Whalebone gives you

Whalebone for Banks streamlines the communication in case of an incident so you don’t need to wait for domain takedown by the registrar or authorities. We blacklist the domains in 4 hours or less at most of the country’s telecom mobile and fix internet providers. You can stop attacks immediately after discovering them, protecting your customers more efficiently.

Protect your reputation and save costs

Time is of the essence. Malicious campaigns are harming your brand, trust in digital tools, and can cause compensation costs and regulatory issues. Keeping the campaign under control protects the bank’s reputation and saves both internal and external costs. Whalebone guarantees immediate action.

Minimize the attack damages

Reporting the malicious domains to registrars, general blacklists, etc. is a basic way to tackle a consumer oriented campaign. However, in some cases this takes time and the harm is already done. Whalebone does better.

Phishing protection guaranteed in 4 hours or less

The standard procedure gives you no guarantee and there are a number of cases where it takes days or even weeks to stop. Whalebone has SLA contracts with Telecoms to guarantee blocking in 2-4 hours at the latest after you notify us.

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Maximum protection, minimal hardware

There’s an old saying that simplicity is genius. It goes hand in hand with KISS (keep it simple, stupid). When


Magecart Attacks

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