Whalebone logo

Our logo is designed to represent our identity. As we filter Internet traffic the same way a whale filters plankton through its baleen (also called whalebone), our logo is a visual representation of this filter. 


Whalebone logo complements a logo mark and a word mark seamlessly, creating a cohesive visual appearance .

Color variants

There are two approved color options of Whalebone logo — light blue and black and white.


Color background

Choose a background color that matches Whalebone's color palette. Make sure there is enough contrast between the logo and the background to ensure legibility.

If you need to place the logo over a photo, use a simple and uncluttered image that does not distract from the logo.

Adjust the brightness, contrast, and opacity of the photo if needed to make the logo stand out. Leave enough space around the logo to avoid overlapping with other elements.


Clear space

The area around the Whalebone logo should be kept clear and no other graphic elements are allowed to be placed in this area. Clearspace is the same as the height of the letter “h” in the logo.


Minimum sizes

The minimum size for digital viewing of our logo is 54 pixels, while for printed media it is 18 mm.

This is the primary variant of Whalebone logo intended for use in both digital and printed media. It is forbidden to distort or modify it in any way.


Registered trademark

The Whalebone logo with the registered trademark symbol indicates that Whalebone is a legally registered brand and protects it from unauthorized use by others.

It is intended chiefly for printed media and should always be clear and legible. It is forbidden to distort or modify it in any way. The minimum size of the Whalebone trademark logo should be 30 mm for printed media.


"W" variant

In the case of small applications, such as social media profiles, app icons, online ads, or email signatures, the “W” logo can be used. It is a scaled-down, simplified variant of the primary Whalebone logo, preserving the same design language, color, and background principles as the primary logo.

The “W” variant should always be legible and recognizable, even when viewed on a small screen or printed on low-quality paper.

Usage: Favicon, app icon, social media profile image. Other usages are to be approved by the Whalebone marketing team.


App icon

Consistent use of white “W” logo on light blue background ensures our brand stands out and be easily recognized on any platform. To adopt to different devices and operating systems, the Whalebone app icon may change its shape, but the logo and the color remain the same.