Webinar: DNS Security for Internet Service Providers with Whalebone

Grab your seat at the webinar, that will change the way how you protect and manage your network

About webinar

Cybersecurity and DNS for internet service providers and alternative network providers. Nothing more, nothing less. As a result of the webinar, you will get to know how to bring more value to your customers and avoid the impact of malware on your network. Moreover, you will get the full picture of how Whalebone can bring you peace of mind and time and money savings.

Date & Time

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Webinar agenda

  • What is blocked and how
  • Advanced anti-false positive algorithm and Neural network against DGA
  • Reconfigurations and updates without outages and no impact to latency
  • Serve stale and cache prefetching
  • Numbers
  • Threats of overview and DNS traffic audit
  • Unique custom policies
  • Standards: DNSSEC, IPv6
  • Alerting and reporting
  • Blocking and customization of block page
  • Monitoring of DNSSEC and resolvers’ health
  • API and additional integration possibilities to CRMs and other tools
  • Traffic filtering based on regulations by law – how we take the responsibility
  • Resolver scalability

Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from our experience in cybersecurity of ISPs

Robert Sefr, Whalebone CTO

Robert Sefr, Whalebone CTO

Robert has +10 years of cybersecurity experience. He worked on large projects for banks, corporations, small businesses, home users, but mainly for broadband operators, small and large ISPs and national wide TELCOs. Besides his previous experience as CTO of Comguard, he was also working as a security analyst CSIRT.CZ and CZ.NIC on projects like PROKI. Robert is now fully dedicated to Whalebone and manages our developers and security analysts. Robert speaks at many conferences like QuBit. There is nobody who would understand the needs of ISPs in DNS security better than Robert.

Peter Soukenik, Whalebone UK Country Manager

Peter Soukenik, Whalebone UK Country Manager

Peter helped +100 ISPs in the CEE region to get the most of Whalebone. As a result, Whalebone is protecting over 400.000 clients of Whalebone’s customers and saving time and money to ISPs. Peter recently moved to London and opened the Whalebone office here. Peter’s mission is to show UK ISPs Whalebone is No. 1 on-premise DNS resolver with DNS security. Peter loves feedback he gets from his customers. One of his favourite is: “Ever since we deployed Whalebone, we haven’t seen any incoming DoS towards our networks.”

What our customers have told about Whalebone?
We were looking for a solution that will help us to eliminate the impact of the client's behaviour to our network. Our clients do not have the basics of security literacy. With two DNS servers, I am able to reduce the impact of risk behaviour by 10,000 customers on our network. Moreover, the on-premise DNS service itself is 100% stable. Whatever we used before, there were always problems. With WB our DNS service is reliable over the whole period we use it. Resolving goes like a watch. And I can get DNS off my head.- Jan KRIVSKY, Airwaynet
Cybersecurity is an increasingly important area for the Telekom Austria Group. We are constantly looking for start-ups that position themselves in this area and that want to work with us in a strategic partnership.- Mario Mayerthaler, Head of Innovation at A1 Telekom Austria Group
I am really amazed by what amount of time and money Whalebone saved us. Even my colleagues have started to understand it is worth paying for it on a regular basis. And do you know what? Our IPs and ranges are not blacklisted anymore. Moreover, our customers appreciate we work with them to improve their security and clean their devices. And it is just because of you!- Milan HARANT, CEO PlayMAX