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“We use Whalebone to improve service and protect our network in London Greenwich Peninsula.”

Mark Trojacek, CEO at Purefibre

How we work with Purefibre

Mark Trojacek from Purefibre about Whalebone (2:04)

 How ISP networks benefit from Whalebone

Whalebone DNS reduces the impact of irresponsible behavior of end-users. Whalebone decreases network maintenance costs. On top of that, it accelerates and improves the internet service by providing a state-of-the-art DNS resolver with embedded advanced security.

Security on DNS level

Decrease IP blacklisting, malware related traffic, the number of abusive e-mails, DDoS attacks and spam. Protect your infrastructure devices.

How does security on the DNS level improve the network?

Research data suggests that 91.3% of malware uses DNS resolution. 68% of organisations do not have any protection on the DNS level or even monitor DNS traffic. Whalebone protects and monitors the whole network with visibility and control down to the single IP level. We protect all devices within the network, including infrastructure devices. There is no installation needed on these devices. Discover the unknown on your network and shore up its strength with Whalebone.

How do you tackle the false positive blockings?

We do our best do eliminate false positive incidents and it is one of the major strengths of Whalebone. If you suspect there is a false positive you can get the details regarding any blocking in your admin portal. At the same time you can click on the option to report a false positive to our support team.

What data is being collected and what is the Whalebone data protection policy?

Whalebone strictly complies with latest GDPR standards and rulings. This applies to data processing including its security, encryption, anonymization and storage. There is a Data Processing Agreement signed between the parties. Whalebone does not resell or monetize the data in any way.

What is the process behind blocking a malicious domain?

The DNS resolver answers the DNS request for a malicious domain with the IP address of the blocking page “sinkhole”. In cases where the DNS request comes from the user’s internet browsing, the user is notified by displaying the blocking page. However, most of the threat incidents happen in the background and are system initiated.

Is it possible to set up a custom IP address for the blocking page?

Redirection of the filtered traffic to an individually defined IP address is possible. Some customers even prefer to host the blocking page on their own premises.

On premises DNS resolver for ISPs

Both on premises and cloud DNS resolvers with features tailored for ISPs. Get transparency of the data and policy down to the local IP address. An API is available, and we offer the option to include regulator based filtering. There is an admin portal and the possibility to set up automated alerts for a number of predefined and custom network events.

Which to choose, the cloud or an on premises resolver?

Whalebone can be deployed in various combinations and you are free to use both the cloud and on premises resolvers. Most of our customers opt for the on premises version to have better control, detailed IP visibility and no added latency. Customer feedback has said that the Whalebone on premises resolver is without a doubt the fastest on the market.

What do we do with customers who use their own DNS settings?

According to our statistics, a lower single-digit percentage of users opt for alternative DNS resolvers. In such cases the user does not get Whalebone protection because they use other DNS resolvers that do not provide this feature.

Are we able to enforce using the Whalebone DNS?

Some of our customers enforce their DNS by redirecting traffic to port 53 and allow other DNS resolvers upon explicit agreement with the customer only. The terms and conditions of the specific ISP and customer cover this option.

Get a faster and more stable network

The fastest resolver on the market, upgrades and changes to the configuration without downtime, compatibility with the latest standards and DNS traffic requirements.

What standards does Whalebone support?

Whalebone fully supports DNSSEC, including: NSEC3 negative caching, IPV6, Query Case Randomization, QName minimization, and cache prefetching. Whalebone is DNS over TLS/HTTPS ready. Our API fully supports REST API, and webhook, Syslog and others are available.

Does Whalebone support DNS over HTTPS (DoH), TLS (DoT)?

Whalebone is ready for DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS. We see this progress as an opportunity to improve the DNS service by keeping the decentralized setup. Whalebone is part of the Encrypted DNS Deployment Initiative.

Support and implementation

We assist with implementation, service and any other requests. Operation support guaranteed.

How does the implementation work?

If you prefer to deploy the on premises resolver, you need a VPS or dedicated server with Linux installed that meets the minimum hardware requirements. For more details please follow the respective chapter of the technical documentation. Should you opt for the cloud resolver the current DNS resolver IP addresses will be changed to the Whalebone cloud resolvers IPs.

Does Whalebone provide support?

Whalebone provides support and SLAs as part of the standard product. Queries can be submitted via email or phone, depending on the urgency of the request.

How to avoid public access to the resolver?

The on premises resolver is, without further settings, accessible as a public DNS. To avoid this, we recommend 1) ACLs on perimeter routers, 2) iptables limitation 3) resolver level settings to make the resolver respond to selected IP ranges only, with a REFUSED reply to others.

Trusted by ISPs around the world

“I keep in mind three main highlights. Immediately after I had forwarded the traffic, I saw a huge amount of blocked queries to malicious domains. It was made without any negative effect to our customers’ wanted traffic. This is really a zero disruption solution. On top of that, I realised that not only outgoing malicious traffic was decreased, but the incoming attacks vanished too.”

David Dyson, CEO at DK Wireless

“We use Whalebone to improve service and protect our network in London Greenwich Peninsula.”

Mark Trojacek, CEO at Purefibre

“Thanks to Whalebone, the DNS effects of the risky behaviour of our customers are reduced to a minimum. We have the ability to oversee and reconfigure the DNS traffic easily and comfortably. Whalebone works reliably, integrates quickly and offers great support. The team is always ready to help us in adjusting the product based on our needs. We are very grateful!”

Svetlin Milev, Network Administrator at NetWorx

“We have been using the Whalebone for two years. Within a moment, I see which IP addresses are being infected and where there is a problem. It makes it very easy for me to work. Technical support and reaction times are absolutely excellent.”

Jan Krivsky, Airway Net


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