Webinar for Whalebone users

Product news and features

October 30th, 9:00 – 10:00, London Time

A presentation of the latest product news and tips and tricks on how to efficiently use Whalebone.

Why should you attend?

We will present all the news for the last quarter and show you what they are good for. We often find that our customers do not use Whalebone to all its potential. We’d like to keep you informed of any new features.

Who should attend?

Especially those who already work with Whalebone. For others, there is a webinar with basic introduction or a webinar with technical training.

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This webinar shows the news and goes more in depth. Are you more interested in the basics or rather business topics?

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News, we are going to present

Fully customisable blocking page

  • Unique content and unlimited number of blocking pages
  • Display by blocking type: security vs. content
  • Display according to IP request

Domain analysis using Whalebone data

  • How to analyse a domain using Whalebone database.
  • Verification of the reason for blocking and score and content categorization.

Resolver latency chart

  • Possibilities of use.
  • Views and work with metrics.

Updated PDF reports with new information

  • Possibilities of use.
  • Views and work with metrics.

Content filtering

  • Experience from pilot deployments.
  • Detailed license conditions.


  • UX upgrade
  • Display of all addresses assigned to the resolver from the Portal.
  • Best practice sharing
Webinar will host

Mgr. Robert Šefr, Whalebone CTO

Robert gained extensive experience throughout 10 years in the field of cybersecurity working with projects for banks, large corporations, small businesses, home users and Internet providers. Until the end of 2017 Robert worked as the technical director of COMGUARD a.s. and security analyst at NIC.cz within the CSIRT.CZ, where he was involved in the creation of PROKI.

Whalebone news and features

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