Webinar for users and fans

Admin’s minimum:
Use the potential of Whalebone

November 6th, 10:30 – 11:30, London Time

Are you not sure what Whalebone offers?
Were you in the administration more than a month ago?
Reports’ and alerts’ content is not clear enough for you?
Or are you not receiving these at all?

That is exactly why you should join us for this webinar designed for new customers and users of Whalebone with limited access only.

Agenda: The necessary functionality minimum

  • Don’t get lost in reports, alerts, traffic and threats statistics, latency overview and resolver status any more
  • Traffic and threats full-text search – what are these good for?
  • What does each threat mean and what can these do to your network?
  • How to analyse a suspicious or malfunctioning domain?
  • Identify Spammers and DoS attackers.
  • Why and how should you use unique security policies?
  • How to work with on-premises resolvers Whalebone?
  • Customise the blocking page
  • Documentation, API, support
  • Whalebone vs. your customers: should you inform them about incidents or not?
  • “Working with Whalebone” checklist to gain the most of it.
  • How to proceed if you do not use some specific area yet and what you do not need to deal with?

Designed to refresh and master the basics of working with Whalebone

If you are just starting out with Whalebone or have already been deployed for some time but would like to see its full potential, then this is the webinar for you.

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