Whalebone introduction webinar

On-premise DNS, DNS security, DNS traffic analytics and content filtering

June 24th, 10:00 – 11:00 BST

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What is Whalebone about?

Whalebone is an on-premise DNS that provides comprehensive analysis of DNS traffic and is able to identify malicious DNS queries. As a result, Whalebone eliminates threats to all the devices connected to the network, including those where it is not possible to install antivirus, such as cheap IP cameras, IoT devices or active network components. Whalebone is deployed at more 100 ISPs and MOs, including O2 and A1 Telekom Austria Group.

Why attend the Whalebone webinar?

Are you sure you get the most of your DNS? Do you use it to improve your customers’ user experience of your service, protect your network and as a unique selling proposition?

Attend the Whalebone webinar to get better insight into what’s new in DNS and how to facilitate your network management and security with affordable and easy to manage on-premise DNS resolvers.

Whalebone is appreciated by ISPs

“Operating Whalebone DNS is easy, it is a stable solution. It does its job with minimal maintenance efforts or downtime, also upgrades are hitless.”

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See how Purefibre London uses Whalebone

Check out the Whalebone video reference (2:04)


Whalebone’s approach

  • Whole network protection and DNS filtering
  • Reduction of time, costs and hassles for ISPs
  • Hybrid architecture and high speed resolution
  • Comparison of Whalebone with other DNS solutions
  • RFC compliancy
  • Whalebone pricing for ISPs

Overview of functions

  • DNS traffic analytics and anomaly detection
  • DNS Security and malware protection
  • Setting up unique politics per IP
  • Alerting and reporting
  • API integration
  • Content filtering add-on

Whalebone demonstration

  • Deployment
  • Configuration
  • Integration
  • Setting up DNSSEC, IPv6, DoH, DoT
Webinar guide

Robert Šefr, Whalebone CTO

Robert has gained extensive experience in projects for banks, large corporations, small businesses, home users, but mainly small and large ISPs. Until the end of 2017 he cooperated with NIC.cz as a security analyst at CSIRT.CZ.

Whalebone introduction webinar

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