Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Full - Time
Brno, Czech republic

About the company

Whalebone is a zero disruption cybersecurity product for telcos, ISPs, and corporations that provides millions of everyday internet users unyielding protection from malware, phishing schemes, ransomware, and other malicious digital attacks without the need for them to download anything. Whalebone's mission is to bring cybersecurity to 1 billion everyday people. Whalebone has repeatedly proven its potential by enabling important CEE telcos to properly protect their customers, while significantly raising their revenue. At this point, Whalebone has 250+ customers in telecommunications and corporate sectors around the globe and 45 team members of multiple nationalities.

  • Besides continuous development in business, in 2021 Whalebone raised a Series A to foster the company growth from 25 in 2021 to 100+ people within 1-3 years and open multiple locations around the world.
  • Within the current main focus area (Telecom network consumer security), Whalebone is well on track to a 15-20% global market share.
  • The company plans to grow from a revenue of lower single digit EUR million and hundreds of customers to dozens of millions revenue and thousands of customers within the next 3 years.
  • To energize the development, Whalebone is looking for a new CFO focused on growth of the company.

What to expect, most important skills and daily agenda

  • Member of the top management team (CEO, CTO, CCO, CFO, CMO)
  • Extended CFO role towards COO. Right hand to CEO, co-drive strategy
  • Strong leadership, communication skills and top English required
  • Starting with a team of currently 5 people (2 FTE legal/contract managers, 3 PTEs: Office Manager, 2x Controlling/Accounting specialist) and further extending the team with in-house members or external partners. Self reliance expected: many tasks or endeavors never experienced before - finding solutions often w/o hiring external advisors etc.
  • Competitive salary, Stock options package

Core scope and responsibility

  • Entrepreneur: Proactively bringing up business insights and ideas and new challenges
  • Ruler of Excel: Further development in company steering & dynamic planning tools (quarterly and monthly budgeting and rolling forecasts). Converting data to business insights. Instant business plan impact evaluation.
  • Performance Captain: Management & Design of cross-functional KPIs, OKRs and Sales target structure and results
  • Control capital requirements, manage cash/liquidity, statutory accounting
  • Opportunity & contract risk evaluation, direct negotiation with high profile customers (with support of relevant functions)
  • Develop/drive introduction of IT tools for contract & risk management, controlling, performance monitoring
  • Maintain and actively manage investor relations incl. timely reporting, run due diligence, control and evaluate the fundraising plans and cap table, support and participate in the fundraising process.

Extended scope of you/your team

  • Internal advisor, lawyer, CIO, Data Protection Officer
  • Office Management, HR rep coverage
  • Procurement
  • Operation excellence, Process definitions and introduction

Education, experience and approach asked

  • University degree from Finance/ Business Management and/or relevant experience in managing corporate finance & administration
  • Proven experience in areas Managerial Accounting / Controlling, Commercial Management, Business Management close to business with high level of responsibility
  • Hands-on International business experience
  • Strong ambitions and willingness to work hard

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