HR Manager

Full - Time
Brno, Czech republic

Whalebone is growing at a fast pace, capturing new markets and opportunities around the globe. In the years to come, we will protect over 1 billion internet users with our unique cybersecurity products. Our ambitious goal can be achieved only with a team of great people sharing our vision, and being truly one with what we aim to do. But finding such people is not an easy task. So far, we’ve been fortunate enough to attract people like this, but we need to upscale it. For that, we need an excellent recruiter. You will be a part of Whalebone’s transition. If you’re dedicated and want to join a growing company with immense potential, Whalebone is an excellent place for you to grow at least at the same pace, as we do! 🐋 Set sail!

What can you expect to do?

  • Find the best match possible for our hiring requirements
  • Develop job postings (ideally better than the one you are currently reading), job descriptions, and position requirements
  • Manage the whole hiring process
  • There are plenty of regulations and also employment laws that you will have to adhere to, you know, we are a cybersecurity company after all – we are supposed to stop the bad guys, not join them
  • After you find someone who gets hired, you will help your new colleague to get on board – so choose wisely
  • Encourage your co-workers improve what they are good at, or yet even better, uncover their dormant talent and unleash their full potential
  • Make sure that your whalebros are happy by monitoring their satisfaction and conducting annual reviews with them
  • You will have to manage (and also create) HR-related documents and processes
  • If someone decides that they no longer want to be a part of our team, make sure that they get everything they need on their path by properly offboarding them

How do you know that you are a natural fit?

  • You are a creative, innovative, and open-minded person who improves the mood of everyone around you
  • Tech recruiting is something you do with ease
  • The world of fast-growing companies excites you and you are up for the challenge it brings
  • You understand what talent is needed and how to treat it in environment
  • We are a multinational company, therefore you need to know how to properly communicate in English both in written and verbal form, and the same applies to Czech, too, since you know, we are a Czech company and most of our employees are Czechs (or Slovaks)
  • You are organized and can manage your time efficiently
  • Making decisions on your own doesn’t scare you
  • You interviewed a few people properly and know how to screen possible future colleagues before the interview

What do we offer?

  • A great opportunity to work independently and establish how HR should look like in Whalebone
  • You will get a competitive salary with performance bonuses
  • The exciting environment of a scale-up
  • Great offices in the center of Brno
  • Open-ended full-time contract
  • Lots of flexibility: It’s up to you if you decide to work from home or come to the office to work with your whalebros. Make use of flexible working hours, drink ten cups of coffee, try to not die after that, and do a cartwheel after a meeting, or during it? That would be new. Whatever works for you, works for us.
  • Last but not least, you can participate in Whalebone ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). Our goal is to be listed on Wall Street in the following years. Your shares can be a part of the IPO.

What is Whalebone all about?

We create zero-disruption cybersecurity products for Telcos, ISPs, and enterprises. Our goal is to make the Internet safe for everyone, and the digital environment as easy-going as possible for the newest generation. We provide millions of everyday Internet users with seamless protection without the need to download anything.

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