Aura Technical Consultant


Whalebone protects users without the need for them to install any software on their devices. We believe that IT security should be as user-friendly as possible, ideally without any disturbance caused to users.

Our solution protects them on the network level, most often through nationwide telco operators (see Whalebone as a white label product A1 Net Protect or O2 Security).

If you become our technical consultant, you will work with technical specialists to deploy Whalebone in their networks. This means you need to properly identify the customer’s needs, suggest ideal incorporation into their topology and organize integration with other systems the customer uses.

The consultant needs to be able to configure everything even for the largest networks, understand their depth, detect potential issues, project and implement the solution. Apart from technical knowledge, you need to be organized and able to manage the whole project in English.


  • Understanding of Linux on a basic administrator level
  • Technical knowledge of internet protocols (practical experience with DNS protocol is an advantage)
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Solution-oriented mindset
  • English proficiency
  • Travel in EMEA region (post covid)


  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Scripting (Python. Bash)
  • Network security and protection against malware
  • DNS Resolver technology (Knot, Unbound, PowerDNS, etc.)


  • Lots of flexibility: It’s up to you if you decide to work from home or come to the office to work with your whalebros. Make use of flexible working hours, drink ten cups of coffee, and do a cartwheel after a meeting. Whatever works for you.
  • No matter how cheesy this might sound, you’ll be treated with dignity. Even though the company’s quickly growing right now, we still believe that proper innovation is often stirred by close interpersonal relationships. After all, our founders have known each other since the age of five. You won’t be a faceless component of a machine. Your opinion will matter and you’ll be heard.
  • You’ll be a significant part of an important and ambitious project. Cybersecurity plays a crucial role in our society. Protecting 1 billion people from cyberthreats? If you feel like this proposition is rather exciting than scary, come on board and grow with us.
  • You’ll be offered an open-ended full-time contract.
  • If you have great results, it will be reflected in your performance bonus.
  • You’ll get a laptop and a cellphone.


Whalebone is a zero disruption cybersecurity product for telcos, ISPs, and corporations that provides millions of everyday internet users unyielding protection without the need for them to download anything. You’ll join our growing tech team during very exciting and promising times for Whalebone.


Are you interested in working with us? Email us your CV and a short cover letter at . We can’t wait to meet you!

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