See Whalebone from the inside. Whalebone intro webinar

We would like to invite you to Whalebone webinars for internet providers

We carry out four thematic webinars at regular intervals. Each of them is suitable for a different group of people, but they are open to everyone:

Whalebone Product Introduction Webinar

This webinar primarily targets those who do not know Whalebone at all and who would like to learn more about malware around ISP in general.

  • Are your DNS servers in a good state?
  • Do they protect the network?
  • Do they make it easier to manage the network?
  • Do they improve the quality of the customer’s internet?
  • Does DNS bring you an additional source of revenue?

Join us for Product Introduction. We will give you the answers.Choose the term and book your seat

Admin’s minimum: Use the potential of Whalebone

  • Are you unsure what Whalebone bring you and your network?
  • Were you in the administration more than a month ago?
  • Reports’ and alerts’ content is not clear enough for you?
  • Or are you not receiving report or alerts at all?

That is exactly why you should join us for this webinar designed for new customers and users of Whalebone with limited access only.Choose the term and book your seat

Quarterly Customers’ webinar with new product features intro - 4/2021

Webinar primarily for Whalebone users. A regular presentation of the latest product news and tips and tricks on how to efficiently use Whalebone.We often find that our customers do not use Whalebone to its full potential. We would love to inform you about all the new features on a regular basis.Choose the term and book your seat

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