Boost Your ARPU by 5% with Telco-made Cybersecurity

Protect your users with a no-installation, white label product from Whalebone. Proven 8 weeks time-to-market.

How a New Security Product Boosted O2’s Revenue

Peter Novak from O2 about Whalebone (2:36)

Why Whalebone?

Incredible revenue boost in Telco segment

Proven cases show that 50%+ of users sustain with the service, increasing the ARPU by up to 5% with a high margin.

“We’re very satisfied with the results. We’ve reached a 40-60% adoption rate and our customers are happy, too. This is the best-rated telco product we have available!”

Peter Novak, Segment manager, O2 Czech Republic

Fastest time-to-market: 1-3 months

As our product is designed for Telcos, we’ll help you deploy it in 1 to 3 months.

“Whalebone was able to implement the product in 8 weeks and the collaboration was excellent – great ideas, quick response to any request, and valuable support every step of the way.”

Maya Rakovska, Director Mobile Services and Roaming Division, A1 Bulgaria

Customizable & easy to use product

You’ll get a fully branded user interface that you can customize with add-ons, reporting, and other configuration features.

“We wanted to have a fully customized and branded user interface, including a customized blocking page. All of this was possible with Whalebone.“

Claudia Panozzo, B2C security portfolio product manager, A1 Austria

Made for Telcos

We built Whalebone with the simplicity your users require. It doesn’t impact the internet speed and customers can get protected with a single click.

  • No installation on users’ devices — the service runs on the network level
  • One-second onboarding makes it easy to sell, activate, and bundle
  • No additional hardware costs

Protect your clients against threats with zero disruption

Most users just want to know they are protected without being forced to give it much thought. With Whalebone, your customers don’t even need to log in or check anything, unless they want to. Zero disruption with robust cybersecurity is a win-win.

  • High detection accuracy based on 60+ sources, plus our own research
  • Thousands of new threats updated daily
  • Possibility to set custom policies or add your own threat intelligence

Cybersecurity that goes to market with you

Not only will we advise you about the best go-to-market strategy, but we will also support your marketing activities and help you succeed as partners, not just vendors.

  • 20+ digital touchpoints to boost conversions
  • User statistics and business intelligence to support your decisions
  • We’re ready to help you with educational content, video scripts, etc.

We’ve helped drive high ROI for these Telco brands

For Austria’s leading network operator, we delivered a fully customized user interface, blocking page, and custom threat categories.

“With Whalebone, we found a reliable partner to develop Net Protect which perfectly complements our security portfolio and helps our customers to stay safe from current IT threats.”

Norbert Parik, Head of Residential Services, A1 Austria

The largest telco provider in the Czech market achieved record-high adoption and the no. 1 product ranking.

“The investment has already paid off. We have reached 40-60 % adoption rate and our customers are happy too, which we’ve seen from surveys we’ve taken. This is the best-rated telco product we have available!”

Peter Novak, Segment manager, O2 Czech Republic

A1 Bulgaria wanted a great product and they wanted it fast. Due to this, the A1 team was up and running with the new cybersecurity product after 8 weeks from the time the project had launched.

“Great ideas, quick response to any request, and valuable support at every step of the way – this is how we would best describe our cooperation with Whalebone.”

Maya Rakovska, Director Mobile Services and Roaming Division, A1 Bulgaria

What consulting does Whalebone offer?

Whalebone provides consulting services based on our experience in different markets and with different product approaches. This can help you to develop an overall product design and to properly set product goals and expectations (comparison of various opt-in/opt-out approaches, advising on marketing & sales scripts, etc.)

How much revenue can you generate with Whalebone?

Depending on your sales and onboarding strategy, you can expect 50-80%+ user adoption. Based on your current ARPU, the end user price can vary between 0.5-3 USD/EUR per user per month.

How to achieve high adoption rates?

The vast majority of consumer surveys and analyses show that users want security. On the other hand, users don’t want to be forced to do too much or sacrifice any comfort to get it. When thinking about security, the key is to first start thinking about the ease of the user experience. Everything from making the sale, to onboarding, to service initialisation and execution needs to be zero touch. Most users don’t want to have to think about security at all, they just want to know they’re protected. It’s essential to avoid any need for settings, installation, license code input, additional confirmations, etc. Everything needs to be agreed and set up with ONE single OK.

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