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Whalebone and Telekom Slovenije Launch a Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Product

Telekom Slovenije has become another national telecom operator, whose customers are protected by Whalebone.

Whalebone and Telekom Slovenije have launched a new advanced solution Varen splet (Secure Web). It provides businesses and residential users with comprehensive protection of their internet traffic — both in the mobile and the fixed network, as well as when roaming in foreign mobile networks.

Telekom Slovenije and Whalebone have closely collaborated during every stage of the deployment until the successful launch, resulting in a very effective, easy to adopt, and effortless to use product for Telekom Slovenije’s customers.


“This collaboration is a showcase of excellent work on all levels. Telekom Slovenije is a great partner open to new ideas with really professional teams, both business and technical. As a result, the users will benefit from a fully-fledged security service. We look forward to further developing this partnership.”

  • Richard Malovic, CEO Whalebone



Varen splet (Secure Web)

Varen splet provides a DNS-based security solution, which is especially useful in times when internet users are increasingly receiving email and text messages with various malicious links, while the number of malicious websites, such as fake online stores, has been significantly growing as well. Users can simply activate the service with a few clicks, without the need to install additional equipment or software.

Residential users can also make use of the parental control feature feature to limit access to content, which is deemed inappropriate for children. To make it easy to use, websites are categorized, so that the user can select a category they want to filter or block (e.g., adult content, violent content, entertainment, advertisements). Users can also enter an address of a particular website that they want to block or provide access to.



Businesses can use Varen poslovni splet (Secure Business Web) to effectively protect their employees when working at the office, from home, on the field, or on trips.

Varen splet recognizes malicious websites and protects users from online fraud and transferring harmful software to their computers and mobile phones. It blocks access to harmful websites, making users safe from potential theft or abuse of personal data, such as passwords, credit card data, sensitive information, etc.

Residential users can simply activate the Varen splet service using the Moj Telekom app or portal, where they can also manage the service. Mobile subscribers can also opt to activate it by sending a specific text message.

Entrepreneurs and businesses can secure their internet access by ordering the Varen poslovni splet as an additional service to their fixed or mobile internet access, or they can opt for the 360 Varni (360 Secure) mobile plans that already include the service.



About Telekom Slovenije

Telekom Slovenije is the leading Slovenian provider of cutting-edge ICT services and solutions. As the market leader, it is always focused on the development and introduction of new technologies by providing its users with a state-of-the-art network, the latest services, and an excellent user experience.


About Whalebone

Whalebone is a zero disruption cybersecurity product for telcos, ISPs, and corporations that provides millions of everyday internet users unyielding protection from malware, phishing schemes, ransomware, and other malicious digital attacks without the need for them to download anything. Whalebone’s mission is to bring cybersecurity to 1 billion everyday people. Whalebone has repeatedly proven its potential by enabling important telcos to properly protect their customers, while significantly raising their revenue. At this point, Whalebone has nearly 200 customers in telecommunications and corporate sectors around the globe.

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