On a mission to protect one billion people

We provide hassle-free, next-generation network security to millions of people by partnering with telcos, public institutions, and even the European Union to reach our ambitious goals.


Seamless protection for everyone

Trusted by 350+ companies worldwide

Since all of our products operate on the network DNS level, we can protect all the connected devices, including the IoT and other devices that are otherwise difficult or impossible to protect.

On top of that, with our Identity Protection, we protect users’ sensitive data as well.

for nationwide
Telco operators
for enterprises
and public institutions
for regional
internet providers

Why Whalebone?

The same way the majestic blue whale filters tons of plankton every single day, Whalebone does the exact same thing with Internet traffic, letting the good one come through and blocking the bad one so it does not even reach the end-user.

Our ambition is to bring order into the ominous waters of the Internet where dangers lurk in the shadows. And it is no mean feat as we aim to protect one billion everyday users by the end of the decade.

What we stand for

Zero disruption

We protect millions of everyday people from crippling cybersecurity attacks with zero disruption to their digital lives.

Ours is yours

Our success is inseparable from your success.


Over, around or through, we promise to lead with a solution-oriented mindset, offering next-day ideas to anything thrown our way.

DNS4EU Project

Whalebone-lead consortium of 13 members from 10 countries was handpicked by the European Commission as the sole developer and operator of the official DNS resolver for the European Union. The goal is to onboard 100 million EU citizens.

Official DNS4EU website

Company management

Richard Malovic

CEO Whalebone
“We believe that Whalebone contributes to a new standard, where the internet connection itself would be the guarantor of security, and thus to be connected will mean to be protected.”

Robert Šefr

CTO Whalebone
"Security is a human right, not a privilege. Our lives span across physical and virtual worlds and they often directly impact each other. Whalebone secures virtual lives of everyday people without them having to understand the technical details."

See more leaders who push Whalebone forward

Pavol Čobirka


Petr Hloušek


Kateřina Vozničková

Head of Operations

Ota Čermák

Sales Director - Immunity & Peacemaker

Michal Suster

Commercial & GTM Product Management

Shareholders board

Richard Malovic


Robert Šefr


György Simó

Investor respresentative

Luboš Černý

Founders representative

Martin Reitenspieß

Investor respresentative

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