Our success is inseparable from your success

Everyone deserves seamless online protection

Whalebone's mission is to bring cybersecurity to 1 billion everyday people.

Whalebone therefore provides millions of everyday internet users unyielding protection without the need for them to download anything.

Whalebone AI uses massive data

We already protect millions of users in real-time with our continuously improving next-gen threat intelligence. Whalebone AI uses massive data from our telco customers and combines it with carefully chosen external sources to deliver game-changing cyber security and stay one step ahead.

We can protect all the connected devices

Since all of our products operate on the network DNS level, we can protect all the connected devices, including the IoT and other devices that are otherwise difficult or impossible to protect. On top of that, all of this happens in the simplest possible way, so that everyone gets a chance to be seamlessly protected.

Our products

for nationwide
Telco operators
for enterprises
and public institutions
for regional
internet providers

Company management

Richard Malovic

CEO Whalebone
“We believe that Whalebone contributes to a new standard, where the internet connection itself would be the guarantor of security, and thus to be connected will mean to be protected.”

Robert Šefr

CTO Whalebone
"Security is a human right, not a privilege. Our lives span across physical and virtual worlds and they often directly impact each other. Whalebone secures virtual lives of everyday people without them having to understand the technical details."

See more leaders who push Whalebone forward

Pavol Čobirka

CCO Whalebone
“Whalebone is a unique company that consists of excellent people, great products, and well-managed processes. I am happy to be a part of the team and contribute to the company's success.”

Jozef Kanich

CFO Whalebone
“Whalebone helps to prevent economic damage caused by cybercriminals. Prevention of cyberattacks is more efficient and cheaper than repairing the damage.”

Petr Hloušek

CMO Whalebone
“Whalebone is a company with amazing visions, great people, and game-changing products. Get to know us and understand why aiming at 1 billion protected internet users isn't such a long shot as it might seem.”

Andronikos Kyriakou

Tech Consulting Lead
“Protecting end-users against cyber threats is a challenge we want to meet with you. Let's work together, towards a more secure and privacy-preserving Internet.”

Tomáš Kozel

Development Lead
"More and more fields of human activity have been moving online, which brings along higher risks and security requirements. Whalebone is the ultimate solution to the pressing need for out-of-the-box protection of internet users."

Peter Páleš

VP of Global Business Development
“Easy to sell, customer-tested design and seamless user experience. That's why Telco operators like Aura so much.”

Shareholders board

Richard Malovic


Robert Šefr


György Simó

Investor respresentative

Luboš Černý

Founders representative

Martin Reitenspieß

Investor respresentative

Zero disruption

We protect millions of everyday people from crippling cybersecurity attacks with zero disruption to their digital lives.

Ours is yours

Our success is inseparable from your success.


Over, around or through, we promise to lead with a solution-oriented mindset, offering next-day ideas to anything thrown our way.
ISO 9001

Quality Management: Helping put your customers first

ISO 27001

Information Security: Protecting your systems, data and reputation

ISO 22301

Business Continuity: Protecting your business from disruption

ISO 27018

Information Security: Protecting your personal data within the cloud

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