Eliminate blind spots
in your security architecture

Protect all devices at all times
Get priceless insights
Radically expand your network perimeter
No extra work, no setbacks, no unnecessary investments

Immunity protects networks of businesses, municipalities, and public institutions

of organizations
have experienced an attempted exploit of an already-known existing threat in 2020
chose Whalebone for their DNS security
are added to our AI-based threat intelligence daily
Radically expand your cybersecurity perimeter

Best-in-class DNS Security

Be one step ahead of cybercriminals with our AI-based real-time threat intelligence trained on massive data from multi-national telcos. Get full DNS control.

One unprotected device is one too many

Some devices are difficult or impossible to protect with other solutions. Immunity will protect all the devices connected to your network no matter what OS they use.

Complex security made simple

Immunity will cover your whole network within hours. Make use of our fine-tuned implementation and seamless API integration into your systems.

Invaluable insights

Our intuitive graphic interface will give you full visibility into the communication of all devices within the range. See the action in real time.

Seamlessly protect all devices

More often than not, it’s impossible to make sure people connecting to business networks behave responsibly and only connect with updated, protected devices. Immunity will fight off threats in the large without you having to deal with particularities.

Protect your employees working from anywhere with our app Home Office Security

  • Unique application for smartphones and laptops enabling the maintenance of safety standards even during the transition to the home office.
  • No matter if people work from home, connect to unprotected WiFi in cafés or work remotely from different places, Home Office Security will enable you to protect them and have an overview and control of their security as if they were working from the office.
  • Preservation of all key Immunity functions.
  • Mobile device support available for iOS and Android.
  • Employee BYOD are secured just like company devices, maintaining the same high levels of customer experience during personal time.
  • The app is a part of Whalebone Immunity, so you don’t pay anything extra.

Eliminate Threats like our other customers

“Based on our research on DNS security, Whalebone Immunity truly stands out above the other solutions. It’s really easy to deploy and maintain, yet very effective.”
Pavel Pekárek,
IT Security Architect at Adastra
“For the first time in my career, I have experienced such a quick and seamless integration of security technology into the whole network.”
Miloš Vodička,
Head of IT, Aero Vodochody
“Immunity blocked malicious websites the moment our users tried to reach them. From our experience, it would take at least another day for a traditional firewall to add it to its threat database.”
Ľubomír Gavenda,
IT Specialist, Panasonic Slovakia
“Whalebone stands out from the standard pattern. Even though it actually blocks lots of threats, nobody has complained about false positives.”
Jan Hrdonka,
Network Security Manager, O2
“Simple implementation, yet perfect results.”
Pavel Šikola,
Head of IT Security Department, Equa bank
“As a network administrator, I can't even imagine taking care of any network without this level of protection anymore. The only regret I have is that we hadn't started using it sooner.”
Zbyněk Grepl,
Director of the IT Department, Nové Město na Moravě
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Product overview

  • Network-level security – protects all connected devices without the need to install anything.
  • Designed for smooth deployment – we can make it work in 4 hours.
  • Allows you to have more control over the security of employees who work remotely.
  • Gives you a live audit and full visibility of the DNS traffic that traditionally flew under the radar. Get an overview from the bird’s eye view as well as precise microscope insight into particular queries.
  • Immunity allows you to get an overview and control of your DNS traffic while making it safe.
  • The combination of on-premises and cloud components makes it easy to fit into existing environments.
  • Whalebone Content Filtering allows you to simply set boundaries.
  • No up-front commitments. Start a free trial with us and see how you feel about it.

Launch Immunity in 6 steps

“For the first time in my career, I have experienced such a quick and seamless integration of security technology into the whole network.”

Miloš Vodička, Head of IT, Aero Vodochody

6 steps to peace of mind

Get to know Whalebone
Let’s have a demo call where we will explain everything you need to know.
Use case modeling
We’ll figure out exactly what you need and our tech team will look into this particular deployment in detail.
Proof of concept
Try a free trial to see the value for yourself.
Deployment & Integration
Your whole network can get proper Immunity in less than 4 hours.
Initial training
You’ll learn how to make the best use of the product and its intuitive interface.
Lifetime support
We won’t stop there. We will always provide you with immediate tech support.
Get started

Technical specifications

  • Flexible architecture: On-premise, hybrid, or cloud deployments enable a versatile integration based on each network's unique requirements fully compliant with Active Directory.
  • Fully customizable DNS Resolver: The caching recursive DNS resolver is fully configurable and conformant to the latest standards. It can serve both IPv4 and IPv6 while strictly validating DNSSEC.
  • We love Encrypted DNS: The full range of services can be offered over encrypted DNS protocols such as DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH).
  • Domain Intelligence: AI-based threat and content intelligence + delivery in real-time = incomparable network protection.
  • API integration: All the configuration and reporting options are made available via API.
  • Off-Net Protection: Use our app Home Office Security to protect users in any network they connect to.
  • Intuitive and practical GUI of the Admin Portal provides substantial DNS visibility.

"Whalebone protects any device regardless of the operating system. This is really important, because we encounter for example IoT infections, hacked CPE devices, and phishing attacks targeted at iOS devices every single day."

Robert Šefr, Whalebone CTO

Do you want to learn about the technology behind Immunity in more detail? Ask for technical specifications.

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Why to become a partner?

  • Addition to complete the cybersecurity portfolio offering.
  • Lucrative margins and attractive discounts increasing with your level.
  • Flexible and responsive to your feedback and needs, with channel manager and technical superhero assigned.


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