Security for SMBs: The perfect business opportunity for Telcos

SMBs represent 90% of businesses worldwide, out of which 85% believe cybersecurity is their number one concern.
Yet, they lack knowledge and/or resources to properly deal with security infrastructure.
This poses a unique business opportunity for telcos.
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"The best-rated Telco product we have available."
Peter Novak, O2 Czech Republic
"Whalebone is a very reliable partner and cares for long-term success."
Maya Rakovska, A1 Bulgaria
"Well received and used by more and more users."
Simon Slonjšak, Telekom Slovenije
"With this product, we aim to provide an affordable and simple cyber security solution."
Donatas Drakickas, Tele2 Lithuania
Seamless network security offering

Two-fold protection

Whalebone Aura consists of two layers, seamlessly working together to create a robust defense against attacks: Network Security and Identity Protection. This way, employees and the whole company network are protected at all times.

Product launch in 1 to 3 months

Aura is designed for Telcos. We secure the fastest time to market, so your new security product can start generating revenue as quickly as possible.

Fully convergent product

The security product can be offered to customers across the board – whether they are B2C or B2B, mobile or broadband, they can be safeguarded by the telco-branded security.

Easy bundling

Telcos can protect SMBs’s mobile devices and broadband via easy and seamless bundling. Small and medium-sized businesses enjoy a peace of mind this brings to them as they can start addressing security in such a simple way.

Applying Telco-branded Whalebone security

No installation
As the network protection is provided by the telco, SMBs do not have to install or update anything.
Zero maintenance
Network-level protection means no additional software or hardware for the SMB to be protected.
All devices
Users are protected at all times, regardless of what devices, operating systems, or applications they use.

What makes SMBs particularly susceptible to cyber threats?

Due to their size, limited security architecture, and resources to allocate to robust security solutions, they make an easy target for attackers. And the most prevalent threat SMBs face? Ransomware.

According to recent findings, almost half (46%) of small and medium-sized enterprises faced a ransomware attack. A single attack like that can be severely damaging for a company of such a size.

Telcos to the rescue

SMBs are aware of the position they are in. As a reliable partner, a telco can offer them the perfect security solution that is easy to use and maintain and will safeguard their entire network.

Telcos have an unfair advantage due to network ownership which gives them a unique opportunity to deploy security for the SMB segment since no other vendor can offer mobile & fixed network security without the need for end-device installation.

What is in it for the telco? The main advantage lies in the fact they can easily cover a whole segment and significantly increase their ARPU.

Boosting telco’s ROI and long-term positioning

Whalebone Aura offers a unique opportunity for cross-segment marketing. By deploying the security product not just for B2C customers but also for the SoHo/SMB segment, telcos can anticipate the long-term awareness campaigns to pay off in both. This will significantly boost the ROI of marketing campaigns and improve the effects of long-term positioning efforts.

Other benefits

  • No need for deployment/end-device installation
  • No additional hardware
  • Simple scalability thanks to product architecture
  • Fairly easy sales process similar to Aura for B2C customers

See how our customers feel about Aura for SMBs

“We will be the first ones to know that there is a new security threat in Croatia, while others might take a few weeks before they register the threat. And those few weeks might be fatal. By that time, we will already have a solution and even prevention plan in place for our B2B customers to be safe.”
Tino Herljević,
Senior ICT Security Presales Specialist, A1 Croatia
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“Tele2 offers a reasonably priced and efficient cybersecurity service – Internet Security – which is appreciated by many of our SMB customers since they can stay protected without investing in complex security solutions.”
Guntars Alliks,
Product Manager, Tele2 Latvia