The ultimate on-premise
protective DNS resolver

Focus on development, not maintenance
Make your network secure, fast, and reliable
Get rid of user-generated security issues
Focus on development, not maintenance

A secure network means fewer issues

Not only does Whalebone ensure your network is safer and your customers’ experience enhanced, but Peacemaker will also eliminate IP blacklisting, reduce the number of abuse alerts, and detect infected network equipment.

On-premise DNS resolver for the win

Having an on-premise resolver will make your network faster. On top of that, you will get to see what’s going on up to the level of local IP addresses. Our superior DNS resolvers will add a security layer over your DNS resolution and still make it faster.

Keep an eagle eye at all times

Our intuitive and practical graphic user interface will give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your network and allow you to quickly fix potential issues. Have a tight grip on your network.

Content filtering

Comply with your country’s regulatory restrictions, block problematic content yourself, or offer content filtering and parental control to your customers.

Make your ISP network secure, fast, and stable

is all it takes to implement Peacemaker
on 4 continents trust Whalebone
malicious domains
are added to our AI-based threat intelligence daily

Trusted globally

“Immediately after I had forwarded the traffic, I saw a huge amount of blocked queries to malicious domains. It was made without any negative effect to our customers’ wanted traffic.”
David Dyson,
CEO at DK Wireless, RSA
“We use Whalebone to improve service
and protect our network in London Greenwich Peninsula.”
Mark Trojacek,
CEO at Purefibre, UK
“Thanks to Whalebone, the DNS effects of the risky behaviour of our customers are reduced to a minimum. We have the ability to oversee and reconfigure the DNS traffic easily and comfortably. Whalebone works reliably, integrates quickly and offers great support. ”
Svetlin Milev,
Network Administrator at NetWorx, BG
Take a closer look at how other internet providers solved their problems with us.

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Product overview

  • On-premises and cloud resolvers streamlining networks of Internet Service Providers and improving the customers’ user experience.
  • Fast and reliable DNS resolution for ISPs with the latest standards such as DNSSEC, IPv6, or DNS-over-HTTPS.
  • Real-time propagation of network setting such as custom blacklists and whitelists.
  • Even though there’s content and security filtration, our resolution is faster compared to other solutions used by ISPs.
  • Making our customers compliant with regulatory restrictions such as content filtering or security standards.
  • Network-level security: filtering malicious traffic of all connected devices and reducing its impact.
  • Gives you a live audit and full visibility of the DNS traffic that traditionally flew under the radar. Get an overview from the bird’s eye view as well as precise microscope insight into particular queries.
  • Designed for both standalone working and integration into your own systems (API, radius, syslog, webhook, SNMP).
  • Peacemaker isn’t just a resolver with blacklists. It’s a sophisticated AI-based product that works for you. We’ll notify you about everything worth your attention in real-time.
  • No up-front commitments. Schedule a demo call with us and see how you feel about it.

Implementation process

  • Install Whalebone Peacemaker in a matter of minutes and save hours of work every month.
  • The whole process is fine-tuned to be as convenient for our customers as possible. Peacemaker is here to ease your workload, not to add extra work.
  • We’re here to help. If you need anything, our support team will be there for you.

"The deployment was just like copy and paste of the installation script into the terminal and forwarding the traffic to the resolvers."

David Dayson, DK Wireless CEO

Seven steps to peace of mind

See what Whalebone is about – ask for an individual demo or free trial
Create a VM with very low HW requirements – 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD (0.25 h)
Run Whalebone installation script in the terminal (0.25 h)
Forward the DNS traffic to Whalebone resolvers (0.5 h)
Enjoy your free trial (14 days)
Evaluation call
Get started

Technical specifications

  • Flexible architecture: On-premise, hybrid, or cloud deployments enable a versatile, yet simple integration to any network.
  • Fully customizable DNS Resolver: The caching recursive DNS resolver is fully configurable and conformant to the latest standards. Its out-of-the-box ability to serve both IPv4 and IPv6 while strictly validating DNSSEC makes it a favorite among network administrators.
  • We love Encrypted DNS: The full range of services can be offered seamlessly over encrypted DNS protocols such as DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH).
  • Domain Intelligence: AI-based threat and content intelligence + delivery in real-time = incomparable network protection.
  • Let's interconnect via API: All the configuration and reporting options are made available and can help you effortlessly build a leading security product.
  • Very low HW requirements: 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD.
  • Intuitive and practical GUI of the Admin Portal.
  • Anycast: We suggest deploying Whalebone with Anycast routing.

"DNS is a crucial service for every communication service provider and it directly affects the quality of internet connection for every customer. Therefore, running a well configured and RFC compliant product that is also capable to protect the network reputation makes the life easier for both – the provider and the end customer."

Robert Sefr, Whalebone CTO

Do you want to learn about the technology behind Whalebone Peacemaker in more detail? Ask for technical specifications.

Become a Whalebone Peacemaker Certified Partner

Whalebone Peacemaker is a highly demanded product tailor-made for ISPs and should be a vital part of your cybersecurity portfolio. It provides a security layer your clients most likely do not have – moreover a layer which saves their time and resources otherwise spent on dealing with their users‘ security incidents.

Why to become a partner?

  • Addition to complete the cybersecurity portfolio offering.
  • Unique product trusted by both ISPs and the European Commission.
  • Flexible and responsive to your feedback and needs, with channel manager and technical superhero assigned.

Forget about DNS forever

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