Whalebone: Comprehensive digital life protection

With 300+ communication service providers on board, endorsement from the European Commission to lead the DNS4EU project, and partnerships with CERTs, CSIRTs,  enterprises, governments, and public institutions across the globe, we are a trusted cybersecurity partner.


We aim to protect the digital lives of 1 billion everyday people


We achieve this by providing no-installation security products to our diverse range of partners, including mobile network operators, regional internet service providers, enterprises, public institutions, and governments all across the globe to provide ordinary people with an uninterrupted digital life, free from the fear of emerging threats.

This way, we actively contribute to a new world standard where #ConnectedMeansProtected.

User-centric cybersecurity for everyone

We introduce the term user-centric security to describe our approach to product design, which mainly revolves around usability and user needs, preferences, and wishes.

Why? Because unless cybersecurity becomes an effortless ally rather than a cryptic puzzle, people will not be willing to spend energy and resources on being properly protected.

User at the forefront

We know security can be overwhelming and complicated, meaning people fail to actively use it as it may become too much of a nuisance for them. That is why we develop
user-centric security
that is comprehensible and so easy to use that being protected becomes a natural part of life. We are there for them when people make a wrong move because the attacker forged the attack too well or when something happens behind their back, and they do not even have a chance to spot it.

At the same time, our security products have a proven track record of fast and seamless integration into telco, ISP, enterprise, or governmental infrastructures, making life easier for technical personnel and security professionals.



Whalebone in three sentences

We create cybersecurity products that ordinary people can actually use. We protect them against viruses and fraud on the network so that the users do not have to handle anything. Thanks to this approach, we already protect tens of millions of people worldwide.



Success begins with security


With our product Whalebone Aura, we enable telcos to boost their revenue by delivering user-centric security to their B2C and SMB customers.

Whalebone Immunity protects companies, public institutions, and governments from cyber threats by covering the blind spots in their security architecture.

Our Whalebone Peacemaker saves ISPs’ time and resources by eliminating user-generated security issues & enabling them to create new revenue streams.

Our story

Since the beginning of the Internet, there have been people trying to misuse it. These scams and attempts to breach people’s privacy have never gone away. On the contrary, they have become sneakier and more sophisticated than ever. But what if there was a way to stop these attempts before they even reached the end-user? Turns out, there is. And that is the story of Whalebone.

Whalebone was established in 2016 (in Brno, Czech Republic), and since then, it has grown into the official provider of secure DNS resolution for the European Union and a globally recognized market leader with the highest number of telco mass-market cybersecurity deployments.


The founders
of Whalebone

Our CTO, Robert Sefr, had the idea of how to change the way people are safeguarded online, and he had the technical knowledge and expertise to find ways to make this idea real.

Our CEO, Richard Malovic, knew how to execute a global go-to-market strategy and took this opportunity to leverage Robert's innovative concept, driving Whalebone's growth and establishing us as the no. 1 vendor with the most telco mass-market cybersecurity deployments.

The backstory
of our brand name

The same way the majestic blue whale filters tons of plankton every single day with its baleen (also called whalebone), we do this with Internet traffic, letting the good one come through and blocking the bad one so it does not even reach the end-user.

IMG_1266 (1)

Whalebone milestones

Established in 2016 by a team of cybersecurity and business enthusiasts, Whalebone embarked on its journey to redefine digital security worldwide.  Since then, it has skyrocketed, multiplied in size a few times over, and spread its influence on all continents.


How the world perceives us shapes our identity


Whalebone's vision and mission


We are building a world where connected means protected.


Whalebone’s mission is to bring cybersecurity to 1 billion everyday people. We achieve this by offering user-centric, no-installation security products that protect people’s digital lives.

Our core values


Zero disruption

We do not interrupt or bother by asking end users to install or update anything. We simply protect them – while they are on the go, working, or sleeping. Our protection is active and alert at all times, so they do not have to be.


Your success is our success

Whales are social creatures, and so are we. We think of our customers as partners, working towards protecting as many people as possible. We think the same way about our employees. They should feel it when the company is doing well. We have a culture where people can grow with the company and become valuable members of the team from day one.



We are moving forward: Now more than ever, we understand the importance of being active and go-getting. Over, around, or through, we promise to lead with a solution-oriented mindset, offering next-day ideas to anything thrown our way. Whatever challenge lands in front of us, we take it and keep pushing.

Visual identifiers of our brand

Whalebone brand codes

The visual identity of Whalebone comes alive through our brand assets.










Examples of how Whalebone communicates visually in the digital and the offline world.