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Whalebone Aura simply works. It sells well and offers great value and protection. But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about it.

We wanted to have a fully customized and branded user interface, including a customized blocking page. Another key request was to sort and communicate threats to our customers according to our own categories. All of this was possible with Whalebone.

Claudia Panozzo
B2C Security Portfolio Product Manager, A1 Austria
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Whalebone is part of our portfolio in five countries, which is a huge success. We introduced it to our customers within seven weeks and it was and continues to be a great success as it was the first digital services product to be selling well in Serbia. Whalebone is truly the best vendor we have ever had.

Ljubica Vojinovic
ICT Product development Team Manager, A1 Srbija
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Choosing Whalebone as our partner was an excellent move in enriching our security portfolio. Whalebone’s dedicated approach and personal commitment to their partners delighted us, because it perfectly matches our own A1 values that we bestow on our customers.

Sinisa Staničić
Director of ICT Sales and Solutions, A1 Croatia
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We are thrilled with the performance of Whalebone Threat Intelligence. Our team has witnessed a number of instances where the service has quickly and effectively prevented phishing campaigns. We also appreciate the quick and professional handling of any false positive reports.

Pelle Jensen
Security Analyst, Nuuday

One should not learn safety rules by accident. I would like to praise our partners from Whalebone company for their exceptional business approach, efficiency, and professionalism that led to successful cooperation.

Vesna Protić
B2B User Experience Design Manager, Telekom Srbija

As we have observed, the internet landscape is increasingly plagued by a surge in frequent and diverse threats, posing significant challenges for ordinary users. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Tele2 Estonia has assumed the vital role of safeguarding our clients' internet security. Consequently, we have made the strategic decision to integrate this paramount service into all our new mobile packages. It is crucial to emphasize that internet security is not a luxury, but an inherent right extended to each and every one of our beloved clients.

Janek Jaago
B2B Services Area Manager, Tele2 Estonia

We started using various marketing channels to promote SAFE NET, such as an SMS campaign, which we sent to over 3 million customers. We have also utilized our mobile application to promote this service. In our campaigns, we have emphasized the benefit of a free 30-day trial during which the customers can really see the value of this product.

Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang
International Service Assistant Manager, Vietnamobile

Whalebone convinced us by its technical quality, innovation and the user experience. The implementation went smoothly and therefore our customers enjoy a state-of-the-art cyber security product.

Peter Novak
Segment Marketing Manager, O2 Czech Republic
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The result of the team’s collaboration across the Group is this revolutionary service, confirming once again that we are both a leader and a driving force in our industry.

Srđan Đurđević
CEO, United Cloud

Whalebone was able to implement the product in 8 weeks and the collaboration was excellent - great ideas, quick response to any request, and valuable support every step of the way.

Maya Rakovska
Director Mobile Services and Roaming Division, A1 Bulgaria

Partnering with Whalebone for the Roke Protect Solution has been an excellent move to not only enrich our security portfolio, but also, to provide our customers seamless online protection while using ROKE Internet. Whalebone’s professionalism and dedication to its partners is very commendable and has provided ROKE a game changing cyber security solution, enabling us to fulfill one of our core values to be a leader in Innovation.

Mauricia Kayizzi
Head of Products & Business Intelligence, ROKE Telkom

With this product, we aim to provide an affordable and simple cyber security solution that is very easy to implement. Tele2 Lithuania chose to work with Whalebone because of their vast experience in the cyber security field and flexibility while developing solutions based on our needs. Though we ran into some technical challenges, we managed to find solutions to all of them and are very happy with the result.

Donatas Drakickas
Product Manager, Tele2 Lithuania

The best thing about the product is that the customer doesn’t have to install anything; it is automatically active, and there are no updates necessary. Users really don’t have to do anything to be secure.

Jessica Garhofer
Portfolio and Product Manager, Mass Market Mobile, A1 Austria
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Aura is a very well thought-through product, with clear and unique selling points. Whalebone team has been excellent in guiding us towards bringing its value to our customers. The tailored approach Aura allows for and the real time data that end user can obtain about threats averted has helped Tele2 make the service tangible in the eyes of its customers. Just by looking at the current trends in cybersecurity, it becomes quite clear that introducing a product like Aura will become a necessity for all telcos in Europe within the next 3–5 years.

Guntars Alliks
Product Manager, Tele2 Latvia

The service is anonymised and operates on the network level which means that Netivalvur does not store private data. The platform does not have or store any data about the websites the user visits or their content, it only checks whether the link is malicious or being managed by people with bad intentions. If the latter is true, Netivalvur alerts the user and blocks the initial website visit. However, the client is the one who makes the final decision.

Meelis Seer
Head of New Services, Elisa Estonia

The installation of Whalebone, which is intended for our users of mobile and fixed services, went smoothly and within the agreed deadlines. The service, which we named Varen splet, is well received and used by more and more users.

Simon Šketa
Odnosi z javnostmi, Telekom Slovenije
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We are in the business of connecting people to what matters most to them, enabling them to live more connected and fulfilled lives, in the safest way possible. Our partnership with Whalebone has resulted in the launch of GO SecureNet, the only comprehensive network security product in our market covering mobile and fixed services. Whalebone’s remarkable technical and commercial expertise was essential throughout the process.

Nikhil Patil
CEO, GO p.l.c.

We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Whalebone. Their innovative approach and commitment to our long-term success have made them a reliable partner. From the seamless deployment to the exceptional technical solution, Whalebone has consistently exceeded our expectations.

Luka Radunović
Digital Services Coordinator,  m:tel Montenegro

It was important for us to provide our customers with an effective, easy-to-use cyber security solution that can be integrated with other security systems. Whalebone's offering met our needs perfectly. Given the growing cyber security risks, as an innovation leader, it is essential for LMT to work with a trusted partner, and Whalebone has proved to be the one.

Otto Kenga
Product Manager, LMT, Latvia

With Whalebone gaining access to the A1 Start-up campus, we had an unmistakable instinct and were aware of the importance of the security issue. We had a good reason to anchor security in our Group’s strategy. It is all the more gratifying to see how successful Whalebone has been over the years, culminating in the European Commission tasking it with providing a pan-European DNS infrastructure.

Alejandro Plater
COO, A1 Group

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