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Whalebone Aura Features
A complex background of seamless user experiences

A security solution that positively impacts user experience, and generates revenue? The unique combination of Aura’s features makes this possible.

Best-in-class Security

Cybersecurity is not effective without strong threat intelligence, and no threat intelligence is effective if it is not continuously optimized, integrated, and adequately balanced to deliver security that keeps users safe, without negatively impacting their user experience.


Integrated Reporting and Alerting

Value-added products that appear on customer invoices but which provide no tangible value lose subscribers very quickly. Whalebone Aura offers 16 different touchpoints to increase customer stickiness, showing value on a daily basis. We integrate these with your OSS/BSS systems in as little as 7 weeks.

True Real-time Threat Updates

Whalebone is not just a DNS vendor, but a network security company at its core. Appliances must be kept up to date with new threats immediately as they emerge.


DNS Filtering

Whalebone Aura is built using DNS filtering to identify and filter malicious domains. Known as the “address book of the internet” - DNS is a required step in any external communication process, making it a simple and highly effective place to stop malicious actors in their tracks; keeping users safe without impacting their online experience.

Edge Deployment

Whalebone combines the benefits of on-premise and cloud deployment to provide lower latency, greater stability, and real-time updates, so telco subscribers are always protected.


Low Latency

Other vendors use technologies that add delays or "latency" in DNS resolution, damaging user experience. Whalebone is free from added latency, so users are both secure and happy.

Parental Control

Whalebone allows users, families, and even small businesses to filter out objectionable content with just a few clicks, without overly restrictive policies, keeping children safe and increasing productivity in business environments, so telco subscribers are always protected.


AdBlock & Privacy Protection

Whalebone knows that up to 96% of subscribers would block online ads if given the chance. Whalebone makes this possible with a single click, blocking not just ads, but invasive marketing trackers and malvertising websites for all connected devices and apps.

Offnet Protection

Whalebone protects users on, and off their home networks, with the push of a button. Offnet protection integrates with the “MyTelco” app, or is available free of charge from the Appstore or Google play, and provides the same level of security, no matter where your users are.


Identity Protection

Personal data loss is growing and many subscribers are unaware that their data has been exposed. Whalebone Aura’s Identity Protection features works 24/7/365 to identify data breaches that happen to your subscribers, helping to mitigate loss and protect their most private details.

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