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AdBlock & Privacy Protection

Ads are everywhere. No matter what application you use, or which website you visit – chances are that you will see an ad. Ads increase the bandwidth consumption and distract users who see them. Advertising trackers, which go hand in hand with ads, show up across platforms based on users’ internet activity and present privacy issues for users. Allowing users to block the ads without changing anything on their device, be it a personal computer or a phone, means they can focus on what they want to do and helps them to spend their data only on what is relevant to them.



With a single click, Whalebone Aura users can rid themselves of ads and trackers, without installing browser extensions or using third-party applications. DNS requests sent by devices are analyzed, and if Whalebone detects that it is for an ad, it is blocked. If the request to load the ad will not get through, no ad is downloaded and displayed to the user. Furthermore, deploying Whalebone’s AdBlock, because it’s designed using DNS filtering, rather than as a browser extension, means users don’t see annoying requests to disable AdBlock or whitelist a website, further improving user experience.