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Offnet Protection

Whalebone’s offnet protection answers the question “How can we help our users stay safe when they are using public Wi-Fi connections, or when they are on vacation and leave our network?"



We had these questions in mind when we designed our solution. Our solution: Offnet Protection. Available as a separate app, or as part of the “MyTelco” app, it secures even the Internet communication that is routed through public hotspots, or insecure Wi-Fi networks. The application initiates and preserves a secure connection to Whalebone’s DNS resolvers in your network, cutting off the threats at the root. Even when leveraging an insecure Internet connection, the confidentiality and integrity of sent messages are ensured by using the industry-standard TLS cryptography. Whalebone incorporates the latest advancements in DNS technology, such as the DNS over HTTPS (DoH) paradigm, via which the traffic is securely sent from the protected device to your network.

There are two possible ways how to protect your customers with the Offnet Protection – either by incorporating our SDK into your already existing mobile application, which you can present as a new feature to your users and seamlessly integrate it, or you can use Whalebone’s standalone, white-labeled application which you can adjust to incorporate your own branding.