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Parental Control

The Internet is a huge place where you can find literally everything, but not every site is suitable for every audience. Think of offices, cafeterias, or regular households with kids – each of these has different needs, and each sets what is appropriate or not in their network by themselves. These needs may also change with time, so in particular time slots it could be better if some categories weren’t allowed, but it would be okay to search for those outside of those times. Alternatively, it is possible to block all the DNS requests after a certain time, enforcing study time for children, for example.



Enter Parental and content control. The main goal of this feature is to protect end-users from problematic content hosted on the Internet. In the management portal, available to parents and chosen administrators only, users have the option to set their own policies individually for every user in their network using content control. Each user has their own configuration. The predefined categories which users can filter are as follows:


  • Gambling
  • Sexual content
  • Weapons


  • Child abuse
  • Drugs
  • Violence
  • Racism
  • Terrorism


  • Audio/Video
  • Games
  • Social Networks
  • Chat


  • Advertising
  • Tracking

There are two approaches to how to treat the user who tries to visit a website belonging to a restricted category. In-page advertisements and trackers simply fail to load (while the rest of the page does)  which preserves user experience results since web pages are fast to load and functionality is maintained. For other categories, it is possible to display a localized and Telco branded redirection page explaining why the access to the particular domain has been restricted - including a bypass option.

Per-application blocking

You can also customize your content filter to block access to concrete websites, games or apps, such as Facebook or Instagram.