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Immunity – Enterprise Cybersecurity

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Offer a new generation of security thanks to a fast, powerful, and private DNS resolver


Demand for DNS security is rising. Jump aboard and get a head start


Gain lucrative margins and attractive discounts increasing with your level


Your clients understand that the landscape has changed. These are their pain-points we deal with.


€17,000 is a median cost of a data breach

Nowadays, just having an antivirus and firewall does not cut it – Immunity prevents threats the traditional security misses.


98% of attacks use social-engineering

Most attacks use employees’ mistakes against their company. Immunity blocks phishing thanks to extensive threat intelligence and Al.


IOT devices get attacked 5 minutes after going live

Immunity does not require any installation or maintenance on the end-point devices. It automatically protects even mobiles, routers, and other smart devices.


0-day threats cease before they are included in databases

Thanks to our AI and data of threats to millions of our customers, Immunity identifies even the malicious domains not present in any threat databases.

Why will your clients love Immunity?


“Based on our research on DNS security, Whalebone Immunity truly stands out above the other solutions. It’s really easy to deploy and maintain, yet very effective.”



Pavel Pekárek,
IT Security Architect at Adastra


What we bring to the table

Product covering new cyberattack vectors

Blocks phishing attempts and other human-error-oriented threats, identifies leaks of passwords and other sensitive information connected to the company domain, blocks malicious domains no one knows about yet, including DGA and 0-day threats, and stops malware in all of its life-cycle stages.

Highly sought-out technology hand-picked by the European Commission

We add 150,000 malicious domains to our database each day. Thanks to domain analysis based on unique data from threats to millions of our users and tailor-made AI engine we are able to predict if any new domain is malicious based on previous data, even before it is added to any threat intelligence databases. Thanks to this and our cooperation with local CERTs and other cybersecurity institutions, Whalebone-led consortium of 14 members was chosen as a sole developer and operator of DNS4EU, a DNS resolver for the European Union. Independent AV-Test confirms that our threat intelligence significantly outperforms many of our competitors in various ways.

Low barrier for new and current clients

It takes only 2–3 hours and no hardware to set-up the free trial version. Thanks to the immediate value brought (all functionalities including identity protection are included in the trial version), Immunity has more than 50% adoption rate after PoC. Moreover, thanks to the unique cyberthreats Immunity covers, it is an easy product to bundle with other solutions or to use for an upsell.

Flexible partner program

Whalebone offers a flexible partner program alterable based on your feedback and financial incentives both for kickstarting the cooperation and based on further performance.

Support of our team

Whalebone will provide a support of our channel manager and a dedicated technician, 1-on-1 meetings with our marketing manager, Whalebone staff presence and support on chosen events, and a partner portal with all information, deals, and materials. You will receive a partner material kit with a detailed sales guide, video and graphical case studies from various verticals, texts, presentations, leaflets, and more. Once we establish a business case, Whalebone can provide localization and custom content for your region and verticals.

New generation of hackers requires new generation of security. Be the one to provide it.

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