More ways to stay safe

Aura already protects subscribers browsing on and off your network; but data breaches can happen anywhere in their digital lives. Now, Aura helps them stay safe when using their payment cards, social media accounts, interacting with government agencies/using personal ID numbers, and when using online accounts.

Not just for subscribers

Aura’s ID Protection feature adds more ways to increase customer adoption; showing value by identifying breaches that happen away from your network, at social media providers, government agencies, online services where account data can be stolen.

Adoption and stickiness

Customer data breaches often happen - for example at their favorite retailer - without the customer even knowing, and can have damaging long-term consequences if not mitigated. Aura increases customer stickiness by identifying not just recent breaches, but historical ones, meaning they can start to see the value of the service early in the trial, giving them more reasons to subscribe and stay subscribed.

Give your subscribers more ways to stay safe

Increase customer stickiness and gain even more adoption
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