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5G Security without performance impact

What happens when you connect any device to the Internet wirelessly with unparalleled speed and low latency? You increase the threat landscape for hackers to exploit.

While at first, it might be appealing to connect everything right away, you should first consider how secure the devices that are to be connected are. Can some cybersecurity solution be installed on it? If the device can not be protected with some endpoint security solution, can the network be secured in a way that will not slow it down or increase the latency, which would lower the benefits of a 5G network?

Whalebone Aura makes the use of the Internet secure for any connected device without the need to install any additional software or applications on it. Whalebone’s white-labeled service works as a DNS resolver with incorporated core security features, securing allInternet-connected devices without having any negative effect on the performance of the connection.

Learn more about how Whalebone’s Aura can secure your customers connected to your 5G network here.