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A1 Croatia Launched a New Cybersecurity Product for Their SMB Customers

A1 Net Protect, which has been protecting users of multiple Telcos in the A1 Telekom Austria Group, has just been launched as a product for business customers of A1 Croatia. This cutting-edge product based on Whalebone Aura will bring the operator additional revenue, while meaningfully enriching their security portfolio.

“Choosing Whalebone as our partner was an excellent move to enrich our security portfolio. Whalebone’s dedicated approach and personal commitment to their partners delighted us because it perfectly matches our own A1 values that we bestow on our customers.”

Sinisa Staničić, Director of ICT Sales and Solutions, A1 Croatia

2 main prerequisites can lead up to such a great launch:

  1. Product. Whalebone Aura has an easily adaptable modular white-label end-user portal. It’s Telco-made, responsive by default, and offers lots of unparalleled flexibility. The whole product is tailored for telcos and the deployment process is as streamlined as possible.
  2. Collaboration. A1 Croatia has a great, hard-working team, which collaborated with our teams in an exemplary way. The ability to closely cooperate with other teams is what makes the whole deployment perfectly comfortable with no excessive costs and wasted time.


In this deployment, A1 Net Protect SMB/SOHO customers will also have access to Whalebone’s Content Control feature from the start – which offers flexible, role-based access for groups of devices. This means a small business can easily allow or restrict access to particular groups of users from a single dashboard. For example, limiting access to productivity-damaging social media sites for administrative or technical teams, while allowing it for the marketing team, which needs it for their day-to-day scope.



All of A1’s customers can access the portal through their app and have a perfect overview of the threats that were mitigated. All connected devices regardless of the operating system can be protected against many different types of threats including:

  • malware,
  • schemes that are aimed to extract sensitive information, credit card credentials, or other valuable data from customers,
  • fake e-shops,
  • botnets, which take control over internet users’ devices and use them for future malicious activities,
  • spam emails, which try to trick users by various schemes,
  • compromised websites, which would normally be safe, but have been hacked,
  • coin miners, which take advantage of the computational power of the user’s device,
  • and many more.

The customers are also given all the freedom they might ask for. They don’t have to worry about any limitations. If they wish to, they can proceed to a blocked page anyway, despite the warning. They can also blacklist domains of their choice, which will ensure they are always blocked. Similarly, they can whitelist any domain. In this case, the domain would always be accessible.

“It was a pleasure to work with the team at A1 Croatia, the technical team is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about deploying technologies such as Aura for their customers. Our impeccable cooperation made an already fast process go much faster.”

Andronikos Kyriakou, Head of Technical Consulting, Whalebone