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A1 Macedonia Launches Net Protect

The leading telecommunications operator of the Republic of North Macedonia has followed in the footsteps of other telcos in the A1 Telekom Austria Group by enriching their product portfolio with zero disruption consumer cybersecurity product A1 Net Protect - created using Aura from Whalebone.

From today forward, A1 Macedonia’s customers can stay protected at all times with no hassle. A1 Net Protect offers comprehensible network protection, which is inexpensive but highly effective. On top of that, Net Protect allows A1’s customers to have more control over their internet thanks to A1 NetProtect’s content filtering functionalities.

One of the important features of Whalebone Aura is its ability to communicate value to the end-user through multiple digital touchpoints. These are available to our telco partners out of the box with guidelines describing the best practice. A1 Macedonia decided to deploy end-user alerting and reporting via text messages and emails. This way, the users will have a clear idea of how exactly the new product protects their online activities at all times.

Peter Páleš, Whalebone’s VP of Global Business Development, said: “It’s vital for telco operators to offer effective and reliable cyber security products. For customer satisfaction, it’s just as important to make sure that users have an understanding of how they are being protected, and what kinds of threats have been blocked.” A1 will inform its customers about the threats they have been facing via multiple digital touchpoints. Páleš added: “All products based on Aura can communicate the value to the end-customers in an unparalleled way.”

Another important digital touchpoint of the new product of A1 Macedonia is the end-user portal. At A1 Macedonia, it has been deployed multilingually – in Macedonian, Albanian, and English. In the intuitive user interface, subscribers of A1 Net Protect can have a great overview of the threats their devices have faced, set reporting and alerting, individual blacklists and whitelists, or set up content filtering rules.

The collaboration was excellent and the resulting product lives up to the highest standards. Given the importance of A1 Macedonia in the country, the internet in North Macedonia has become a much safer place with this product launch.