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Are you required to provide content filtering because of national regulation? Use content filtering on a DNS level

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) play a critical role in providing access to the vast expanse of the internet. However, in some jurisdictions, ISPs are legally obligated to enforce content filtering to comply with national laws and regulations. To achieve this, ISPs can leverage Domain Name System (DNS) resolvers.

For example in Italy, the new legislation obliges ISPs to pre-activate parental control systems free of charge or to filter inappropriate content for minors and to block content reserved for adults. These services can be deactivated only at the request of the consumer.

In addition, the adult customer must have access to an easy-to-use user interface to configure, activate or deactivate the filter in real time. ISPs will have to give adequate publicity and will have to provide a free assistance service, including through a call center with a human operator.

Using DNS is an easy way to abide by the national regulations

ISPs can use DNS resolvers to implement content filtering by modifying the responses the resolver provides. When a user tries to access a website that falls under the restricted categories, the DNS resolver can respond with an alternate IP address, effectively blocking access to the site or redirecting the user to a government-mandated landing page or a message from the ISP.

The process of content filtering through DNS resolvers is relatively straightforward and with Whalebone Peacemaker, it can be implemented with ease, while providing additional value to both the ISP and the customer. Whalebone Peacemaker presents a natural, effective, and economical choice for compliance with national legislations, while protecting the network from threats which would normally take time and resources to be dealt with.

Moreover, Whalebone Peacemaker abides by the highest standards of GDPR and other privacy regulations, does not require any maintenance and special hardware, and allows the ISP to gain a deep insight into their network.

See how Peacemaker works in this video and set-up a free trial run in just an hour (or just ask our experts anything you want to know).