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Brazilian digital distributor Teki Enhances their Cybersecurity Portfolio with DNS Security for Enterprises and Institutions

Teki partnered up with Whalebone to protect companies and institutions in Brazil against elusive threats like phishing and DNS spoofing. Thanks to the DNS security, Teki’s clients will be able to protect all of their employees without a need to install and maintain any software at all.

Developed for companies and institutions, Whalebone Immunity allows the network managers to protect all devices in their network, without a need to tamper with their employees’ devices or workflow in any way. “Our DNS resolver then blocks access to malicious websites, prevents DNS-based attacks, and adds a layer of security which blocks attacks that even the best end-point antivirus programs and firewalls can’t detect,” describes Whalebone’s CTO Robert Šefr. 

Over the past years, Brazilian companies have faced a record number of elusive cyber attacks, thus learning the value of DNS security. But that's just one of the reasons why including Immunity has made Teki's portfolio even more attractive to its clients, as described by Marco Machado, Teki's director: "Whalebone Immunity was developed to protect companies against online threats, such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, in an effective manner that traditional protections cannot provide. One of the main advantages of Whalebone Immunity is its simplicity – straightforward implementation and maintenance-free administration."

Whalebone Immunity has been offered to Teki's clients since April 2024, with a focus on channels, resellers, and cybersecurity solution integrators in Brazil.

We are happy to be a part of Teki’s portfolio. It is always a pleasure to start a mutually-beneficial business partnership – we consider it a relationship which needs to be fostered and where both sides look for a way to make it grow,” follows Whalebone’s channel manager Miroslav Dysek.

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