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Elisa Estonia Just Launched Cybersecurity Based on Whalebone Aura

Elisa Eesti AS forms part of the Elisa Group and is the market leader in Estonia in the private client segment of telecommunications services. It offers entertainment, information technology and telecommunications services and creates secure network and data centre solutions for clients.

Elisa Estonia has just launched Netivalvur (Internet Guard) – a game-changing cybersecurity product for their broadband and mobile customers. From now on, it’s as easy as it gets to stay safe online for Elisa’s customers. On top of that, the leading Estonian telecommunications operator has just gained a valuable revenue stream and solidified its position as a Telco, which has always been known for being innovative.

“Elisa has always been known for being innovative and ready to implement the newest technology. Naturally, Aura was an interesting concept for them technologically, and it made business sense as well.”

– Marwan Chanawani, Whalebone CSO

“More than one million websites around the world are affected by malware each day and on average, one out of thirteen websites are dangerous for the user,” said Andrus Hiiepuu, Head of Elisa’s Private Client Unit. “Phishing e-mails and malicious websites are becoming more complex and the security of our clients and their data is extremely important to Elisa. Elisa’s new service Netivalvur is designed to inform and alert clients and is updated daily to protect our clients from danger.”

The deployment

After a very successful POC, where Aura blocked lots of different threats, teams of Elisa Estonia decided to go for the Basic version of Aura. The deployment of the product took only three weeks. Elisa Estonia can and will upgrade to the full version of Aura in the near future. This will bring extra features and touchpoints.

“Elisa's team worked like clockwork. Their determination, technical experience, and flexibility allowed us to meet all project deadlines and launch the product in just three weeks.”

– Andronikos Kyriakou, Technical Consulting Lead, Whalebone

The value

Subscribers of Netivalvur will now stay protected online no matter what kind of devices they will be using. Whenever they will attempt to access a dangerous domain, a branded blocking page will appear, informing them about the risk. On top of that, Netivalvur checks all DNS communication, which means that their activity in all different kinds of apps will be protected at all times.

According to Meelis Seer, manager in charge of new services at Elisa, many clients may think that they do not visit suspicious websites but they do not take into account that malicious websites may not necessarily look suspicious. “Every day, around six billion fake or phishing emails are sent out. The 2020 report by the Information System Authority (RIA) highlights that there had been attempts to steal more than 150,000 euros from people’s bank accounts. We believe that in reality, this amount may be even bigger as a large number of these phishing cases remain undetected.”


Elisa’s Netivalvur prevents clients from visiting malicious websites when clicking on a link, banner or advertisement and warns you about visiting such websites. “The service is anonymised and operates on the network level which means that Netivalvur does not store private data,” said Seer. “The platform does not have or store any data about the websites the user visits or their content, it only checks whether the link is malicious or being managed by people with bad intentions. If the latter is true, Netivalvur alerts the user and blocks the initial website visit. However, the client is the one who makes the final decision.”

"Users' sensitive data, privacy, and money are endangered every day. There's no doubt that almost everyone has encountered an attempt to steal their data, like a fake text message, which tried to trick them into clicking a link leading to a fake e-shop or another type of scam website. With more and more sophisticated threats, users need to adopt more and more sophisticated means of protection. Elisa's Netivalvur is the natural choice."

– Richard Malovič, Whalebone CEO