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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Cybersecurity

Have you ever felt that every Telco offers pretty much the same apart from each using their very own branding? Everyone offers phone plans, phones, maybe some gadgets and these days also the Internet connectivity for households, be it on cable, fiber, or wireless, and some TV subscription.

When they want to opt for some traditional differentiator, they offer some special promo, like get a phone for 1 €, if you agree to take this phone plan for two years, or discounted/ free first three months of the plan, but only if the contract is locked for a year or two, or they will throw in a special discount if you use more of their services at the same time. But does it make any difference from their competition? The offering is the same, maybe the approach to customers is a bit different, plans are built up with some slightly tweaked numbers, and prices are very similar, so the answer is… no, it is still the same. So, what can be done to stand out in the overcrowded Telco market?

Cybersecurity Must be Available

One of the possible paths to provide a different offer than most Telcos around the globe is to include cybersecurity service in your portfolio. The problem with offering cybersecurity is that end users do not understand it and do not want to waste their time on maintenance, or deployment. The solution that you would have to implement must somehow address all of that – it must be easy to understand, the benefit of paying for it must be clear, and ideally it will take nearly no time to implement and maintain it. To make it short, the cybersecurity people want, and Telcos can deliver, must be easy to buy, deploy, and to use. If you will not meet these criteria, it is like you would try to sell bamboo seedlings in the desert – no one would buy it.

The King of the Hill

What if I told you that such a service exists, and not only that, but it requires roughly about two months to implement, will boost your ARPU by at least 5 % with adoption rates over 50 %, and is white labeled, meaning that once implemented it looks and feels like everything else you created, so that your customers have the best possible customer experience? To top it all, the users do not have to do anything else but agreeing with the service and that is it from their end. Do not just take my word for it, but look at what happy Whalebone Aura’s customers, such as A1 Telekom Austria, O2 CZ, or A1 Serbia had to say about it.

And how to attract the end users? It is not enough to just say “hey, we now offer a cybersecurity service! Want some?” They need to understand why it is necessary to be protected in today’s dynamic world with new threats emerging nearly on a daily basis (you can find more about the current threats on our LinkedIn profile). Once they fully comprehend what they can lose when they ignore cybersecurity, so that they are not only under a risk of losing their assets, but also will have to deal with local authorities or banks and waste their time on it, or they can even be blackmailed with some compromising materials extracted from their devices.

Most Telcos have very similar portfolios, so anyone who can offer something that others do not and their customers want, immediately gains advantage over their competition. Nearly no one offers a secure Internet connection, protecting their customers’ devices without the need to install or configure anything. Offer your customers something they need and want, too.

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