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Independent Testing Confirms Whalebone’s Excellent Threat Intelligence Results

In March 2022, AV-TEST, an independent global leader in evaluating and rating cybersecurity solutions, tested Whalebone to determine its efficacy in detecting malicious URLs and phishing domains. The detection test did not only consider the ability to block malicious domains, but also a so-called false positive rate to make sure that access to legitimate domains was not blocked in the process. The results of this testing positioned Whalebone among the top group of products that have been tested.

Class-leading detection, near-perfect false positive rate

When tested for false positives, Whalebone had scored almost zero in all the conducted tests meaning that the Whalebone threat intelligence engine would almost never mistakenly block access to a legitimate website.

This testing has proven that Whalebone brings competitive threat intelligence which significantly outperforms many of its competitors in various ways. The most important learning is that our ability to avoid blocking harmless domains, which is crucial when it comes to consumer cybersecurity, is unmatched.

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