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LMT Latvia Launches Internet Guard Together with Whalebone and CERT.LV

In response to the growing risks of cybercrime, the leading Latvian mobile operator and technology innovation company LMT has launched a new internet security solution LMT Interneta Sargs (LMT Internet Guard). The service, based on Whalebone Aura, will be available to LMT customers, protecting both fixed and mobile devices of their customers from malware, frauds, and unwanted content.

"More than 300,000 different types of malware are created every day, and on average one in 13 websites poses a threat. As technology advances, so do the possibilities for malware, making it more and more difficult for users to protect themselves and their data. LMT has always been working on taking care of public safety at the level of the state, city infrastructure, and secure communications, which is more important than ever in the context of the cyber security risks experienced in the context of the war in Ukraine. The new offer will be another step towards strengthening the customers' sense of security," said LMT President Juris Binde.

Working together on the best possible threat intelligence

"Although many people think they never visit dangerous websites or are not interesting to cybercriminals, literally everyone in Latvia is at risk of cyber-attacks. In 2021, almost a third of Latvia's population suffered at least one cybersecurity incident. The material damage in some cases exceeded €30,000, while in total more than €14.5 million was defrauded. The success of criminals depends to a large extent on how seriously people take such threats. Just as it is taken for granted that doors and gates should be fitted with locks, all connected devices, including phones and computers, should be equipped with security features. Technology can provide important support in protecting devices and data by offering tools that conveniently combine a variety of modern solutions. A great example is LMT Internet Guard, which is also continuously updated online with all the information on harmful sites and threats contained in the DNS firewall provided by CERT.LV and NIC (maintainer of the .lv TLD registry). This way, the user is constantly provided with updated digital protection," says Baiba Kaškina, CERT.LV Manager.

The combination of local sources and Whalebone’s AI-based Threat Intelligence Engine bring next-gen protection to the Latvian internet users. They can simply stay safe online at all times by activating the service, which is constantly incorporating work of sophisticated systems as well as multiple threat intelligence teams.

LMT Internet Guard protects all connected devices from various viruses, fraudulent websites, and unwanted content in apps, browsers, or communication tools. As it works at the network level, the user does not need to take any action, not even download special software or change the settings on the phone or router. In other words, all the connected devices – phones, tablets, and computers – with all different browsers and apps are protected right at the LMT network level.

Letting users get a tight grip on their internet connection

On top of protecting the subscribers, the service also allows them to set limits on content, which makes it a useful tool for parents. All they have to do is log in to their My LMT account to set the content filters of their choice – based on specific pages, categories, or within time-of-use restrictions. The users will also get full threat reports for all devices connected to their accounts.

Before subscribing to the service, every single user will have an opportunity to try Internet Guard for free for 30 days to see the value for themselves.

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