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M:Tel Bosnia and Herzegovina Collaborates With Whalebone to Launch Safe Net

Whalebone is pleased to announce the official launch of a new security product "Safe Net" in partnership with m:Tel Bosnia and Herzegovina. This collaboration brings cutting-edge network security to the heart of this Balkan country, enhancing the safety and reliability of the telco’s customers.

A reliable shield against online threats

The need for robust network security solutions is more important than ever. As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, businesses and individuals alike must safeguard their sensitive data and digital assets. m:Tel’s Safe Net, based on the white-label solution developed by Whalebone, offers an invaluable shield against these threats, assuring that customers across m:Tel's network can work and connect with confidence.

Network security is a vital aspect of modern life, as it forms the backbone of our digital existence. With Safe Net, m:Tel Bosnia and Herzegovina is taking proactive steps to fortify its network against such risks, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to the safety and security of its customers. Safe Net is designed to identify and thwart threats at the network level, making it a powerful ally against phishing attempts, malware, and other malicious activities. By offering this comprehensive solution, m:Tel ensures that its subscribers can enjoy the full benefits of modern telecommunications while remaining secure.

Real-time protection with Whalebone

Whalebone's cutting-edge solution goes beyond conventional security measures. It leverages innovative technologies and intelligent threat detection mechanisms to provide real-time protection. Whalebone’s solution not only safeguards against known threats but also stays ahead of emerging risks through continuous threat intelligence updates and advanced machine learning algorithms.