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M:tel Montenegro and Whalebone Launch Safe Net

Earlier this month, telecommunications operator m:tel Montenegro introduced a new security product calledSiguran Net” (Safe Net) for mobile devices, based on the white-label solution provided by Whalebone Aura. This strategic move was prompted by the increasing risk of cyber attacks in the region. Taking cues from its parent company, Telekom Srbija, which had already launched a Whalebone-based security product earlier this year, m:tel Montenegro recognized the value it could bring to its customers and decided to follow suit.

Comprehensive protection for mobile devices

“We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Whalebone. Their innovative approach and commitment to our long-term success have made them a reliable partner. From the seamless deployment to the exceptional technical solution, Whalebone has consistently exceeded our expectations. Whalebone's technical expertise and dedication have been invaluable throughout the entire process. We are confident that this collaboration will continue to deliver exceptional value to our customers, reaffirming m:tel's position as a leader in the industry,” says Luka Radunović, the Digital Services Coordinator for m:tel Montegro.

With the introduction of Safe Net, m:tel customers now have the option to safeguard their mobile devices from unwanted and malicious content, viruses, and other internet threats. To encourage adoption, a 3-month free trial is available, after which users who are satisfied with the product can choose to subscribe to the paid version for a modest fee of 0.68 euros per month.

Parental control feature

Whalebone Aura's integration enables m:tel Montenegro to implement precise content filtering policies, allowing customers to protect their own devices and those of their loved ones from inappropriate or malicious content. The addition of a parental control feature empowers parents to keep their children safe online without the need for extensive technical expertise, while it also lets them control the type of content, apps or websites their children can consume at particular time of day.

Next-gen telco cybersecurity

With an unparalleled threat detection, content filtering, seamless integration, and extensive DNS analytics, Whalebone empowers telecommunications providers like m:tel Montenegro to bolster their security offerings and protect their customers' digital assets effectively.

Whalebone employs advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify and mitigate potential threats in real-time. This proactive approach ensures that malicious activities are intercepted before they can cause any harm.