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Major smishing campaigns hit the Czech Republic and the rest of central Europe

Major fraudulent campaigns impersonating the Post Office, delivery service, Housing funds and health insurance companies are swarming across Czechia and other central and western European countries.

The holidays are coming, the hackers come knocking

People in central Europe are once again targeted by a widespread phishing campaign and fraudulent SMS. There are several strains circulating at once, impersonating local delivery services like DHL, PPL and national Post Office, banks, Ministry of Social Services and health insurance companies.

The magnitude and frequency of these messages has increased significantly in recent weeks, possibly in expectation of holidays and the upcoming winter when especially people in tough economic situations are more vulnerable to financial aid frauds.

Investigating the origins of the campaigns, we can see that the same pattern is used to also target Slovakia, Poland, France and Netherlands

Falling victim to a fraudulent link can happen to anybody. Luckily, thanks to the protective DNS by Whalebone, our users are safe from these attacks.