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Make the Internet Safe for Everyone

Content on the Internet is readily available for those who know where to look for it, or, with how efficient today's search engines are, how to ask to get what one wants. All of us are well aware that not all content is for everyone. If you are a parent and your children use the Internet regularly you realize it even more. How to make sure that they can access only the so-called “family-friendly” content across all the devices?

Undesired Content

As they say, content is king, and sadly it also comes as undesired content. Not everything should be seen by everyone, and we are not talking only about the obvious, such as adult content, or even crime. Think of social media and their impact on teenagers – many studies display that approximately 7 out of 10 kids think worse of themselves (both mentally and in body perception) after consuming social media regularly.

With content, you can even shape how someone perceives things – which is how advertising works. This applies to children, too, but with the difference that they often do not have enough experience to distinguish the good from the bad. This is one of the reasons why kids are the “best” target audience for ads on video content platforms or in “free” games on their phones and tablets.

Remove the Undesired out of the Equation

Whalebone’s mission is to secure the Internet for the masses. One of our milestones is to protect 1 billion everyday people by the end of the decade, and this is not only about protecting people against cyber-attacks, but even against undesired content. Our products can recognize four different content categories (adults, crime, entertainment, and unwanted) which in total contain 17 subcategories, such as gambling, drugs, social networks, and advertising.

Parents can easily block categories or subcategories differently for every single device within their protected network. It is also possible to restrict the access to the content based on time of the day, such as no games after 8:00 PM, or block all the DNS requests which effectively cuts off the Internet communication for that device, enforcing bedtime (unless the child will pull out a book and read it instead of being on a phone, we cannot help with that).

Telecommunication Operators to the Rescue

Telcos have a huge customer base and offer Internet connectivity to mobile devices and both households and businesses. With this, they are in the ideal position to offer their customers a new service for which there is a strong and rising need. Not only can they protect their users from malicious threats, but even keep their children in a safe environment.

Keep your customers and their families safe from both cyberattacks and undesired content. Offer them a new cybersecurity service that is easy to use and gives them peace of mind.

Do you want to create a safe environment on the Internet for children?

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