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Malta’s Leading Communications Service Provider GO Launches a New Security Product

GO is Malta’s leading telco operator. As the first quad play provider in Malta they provide mobile, fixed line, internet, and TV services to more than 500,000 customers. Always aiming to provide the best possible user experience, GO Malta has launched a new cutting-edge cybersecurity product for their customers called GO SecureNet. This allows their customers to enjoy the internet safely, on all of their devices, without needing to download or maintain extra software.

“GO clearly aims to provide the finest services to their customers. This uncompromising approach is why their network is the fastest in the whole country. It’s also why they’ve launched GO SecureNet. Offering a simple to get and use, yet truly effective cybersecurity product is nowadays simply a must for operators, who want to stay on top of their game.”

– Richard Malovič, Whalebone CEO

Telco customers expect their providers to offer them a safe internet connection and look to their telco to provide it. But at the same time, they have little interest in downloading several different applications or in updating them. They want to know that all of their devices are protected no matter the connection (mobile or fixed) and the type of device. GO has answered this demand by offering Go SecureNet to their customers on both mobile and fixed networks.

Before they chose to go with Whalebone Aura, GO tested Aura in great detail. As the fastest mobile network in Malta, GO paid considerable attention to network latency through Whalebone’s resolvers, and to threat and domain intelligence specific to the Maltese market. After exhaustive benchmarking, GO chose Aura. Whalebone successfully met GO’s specific requirements in order to bring the perfect product to the market.

“GO Malta was looking for a technically excellent product. They had a clear vision and requirements. We were ready to make all the necessary customizations to meet their specifications and make sure the product is future-proof.”

– Andronikos Kyriakou, Technical Consulting Lead, Whalebone

There are two options GO’s customers can choose from. They can either subscribe to the “Security only” option, which will ensure they are safe online with zero disruption to their user experience. The other option is “Security + Parental Control,” which adds extra content filtering features by specific categories. Everything can be configured directly in the GO app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

Launching the product secures GO’s position as a product offering leader who takes the cybersecurity of its customers seriously.