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Monetizing content filtering – an easy and effective revenue boost for ISPs of all sizes

In the world of fast and stable internet, it is hard to stand out as an internet service provider. Even more given that the basic service margins are getting thinner. That’s why ISPs are continuously seeking innovative ways to increase revenue via value added services. Thankfully, content filtering is a popular service for both B2B and B2C customers, making it an attractive proposition even for smaller players in the market.

Diversify your revenue streams and start with an easy upsell

Content filtering presents ISPs with an opportunity to increase revenue per customer, making it a powerful tool for boosting profits. Smaller ISPs, with limited resources and time to invest, can especially benefit from content filtering as it is rather easy to upsell and it pays off quickly – basically with only a few B2B customers the ISP breaks even and can start making profit.

This low barrier to entry allows them to tap into an additional source of income without major investments, ultimately contributing to their overall financial stability. Moreover, the additional service to their customers increases number of touchpoints and strengthens the relationship between the ISP and the customer.

Variety of uses for different customer needs

Content filtering caters to a wide array of customers, from families concerned about the online safety of their children to businesses aiming to enhance productivity and security. Educational institutions, such as schools and universities, as well as public spaces like malls, can benefit from content filtering to maintain a safe and controlled online environment of their public Wi-Fi networks, while preventing misuse such as torrenting or cryptomining.

To cater to the needs of a wide selection of audiences, it is vital for the content filtering tool to have an easy setup with possibility of different policies. Only thanks to easy maintenance and smooth deployment can even ISPs with no staff to spare attract the right customers to the right service package.

Filter content on DNS level with Whalebone Peacemaker

An ideal way to filter content is via DNS resolution. After a simple setup, which takes just about an hour, Whalebone Peacemaker allows ISPs to set a number of policies with different content filtering functions. Then nothing stands between the ISP and the possibility to upsell their customers, or creating an integration to their website or portal, where customers can choose their package with content filtering as well.

Moreover, Whalebone Peacemaker enhances security of the ISP network via blocking out threats to the customers themselves on the DNS level, thus effectively getting rid of user-generated issues and the need to deal with customers who complain on unstable or slow internet (which they have caused since they have devices full of malware). On the top of that, Peacemaker offers deep insights into the ntwork's DNS traffic.

Streamlined setup and integration

Implementing content filtering through Whalebone Peacemaker is hassle-free for ISPs and customers alike. The ISPs can either contact their customers, forward their traffic to different resolver and up the monthly fee, or they can create an integration to their website or portal and allow the customers to select their desired content filtering package there.

In conclusion, content filtering emerges as a strategic avenue for ISPs to maximize profits, enhance network security, and cater to a diverse range of customers. With its potential to increase revenue per customer and its ability to approach various market segments, content filtering offers a win-win situation for both the ISPs and their clients.

Read how your fellow ISPs benefit from content filtering and get a free trial

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