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New Feature of Whalebone Immunity: Identity Protection Allows Customers to Monitor Leaks of Sensitive Information Connected to their Domains

Hackers frequently sell breached data connected to company domains, such as login credentials, passwords, and key-card codes, on the dark web. Such a leak can be the first step of an attack, and Immunity's new Identity Protection feature helps Whalebone’s clients to prevent account takeovers, ransomware, and other threats.

Immunity lists all detected leaks in the last 10 years and alerts the admins immediately if new leaks are found.

Even trusted providers, to whose services people often sign-in using work accounts, have fallen victim to data breaches in the past, including such as LinkedIn, Adobe, and Canva. The dark web scouting team at Whalebone Immunity monitors a wide range of leak sources in both publicly accessible forums and websites, and the dark web. With the knowledge of what data connected to their domain have been leaked, when and during which breach it was, customers can take steps to prevent the often dire consequences.

We are excited to start with this new way of helping our customers against the ever-present threat stemming from data breaches. With Immunity's Identity Protection, we have added yet another layer of defense to cover this threat vector, which is often overlooked.

ID protection is included in Immunity at no additional cost, and users can take advantage of the feature even during the trial version. Given that the customer gains information on the leaks in the past 10 years right away, Immunity can bring them additional immediate value.

Just insert your domains you want to watch into the appropriate field in the Identity Protection tab of the Immunity Portal and make one more step towards threat prevention.