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New Whalebone Is Here!

September 2021 has been an incredible ride for Whalebone, which is why we have some very important announcements. We have rebranded our product lines, completed our new website, moved to new offices, and vastly improved our products.

New product portfolio

We proudly introduce Whalebone Aura, Whalebone Immunity, and Whalebone Peacemaker. This trio of game-changing cybersecurity products is ready to fight cyber threats for nationwide Telco operators, enterprises, and regional internet service providers, respectively.

Whalebone Aura

Simplicity. Telcos can easily launch and start offering Aura and provide their customers with a product, which will cover all their devices with an aura of safety, while actually enhancing their user experience. While users enjoy safer internet, Telcos boost their revenue by offering a product with sky-high adoption rates and clearvalue through its multiple digital touchpoints.

Whalebone Immunity

Perimeter. More than ever before, there’s an omnipresent danger of ransomware and other destructive threats heavily targeting companies, municipalities, and public institutions. For this reason, they need to develop proper immunity. Whalebone Immunity is a must-have security layer for all organizations, who want to protect all of their employees, data, and ultimately their finances.

Whalebone Peacemaker

Streamline. Regional internet service providers need to focus on the development of their networks, not maintenance and dealing with user-generated security issues. Implementing Peacemaker – the ultimate on-premises ‍‍protective DNS resolver – will make their network secure, fast, and reliable. With Peacemaker, ISPs can simply protect their customers while making their service significantly better.

New website

We have just finalized our new website, while slightly adjusting our brand identity.

New offices

Our headquarters have recently moved to new offices in the center of our hometown. From now on, you can find us at Jezuitská 14/13, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic.

Whalebone technology leads the way

Naturally, the cutting-edge quality of our products is what really matters. That’s why we are constantly looking for new ways to keep them one step ahead.

Real-time threat database updates

Cyber security products always have to race with cybercriminals. When there’s a wide phishing scheme targeted at millions of users, every second counts. We are really happy to announce that any threat intelligence insight is now immediately applied to our DNS Resolvers. It can’t get any faster!

Home Office Security

One of our products – Immunity – has been protecting staff of different enterprises as well as universities, hospitals, cities or regions. To meet the needs of our customers, we have developed a new end-point client that will make sure that all the employees are protected even when working from home or remotely. The end-point app is a part of Immunity, which is why our customers don’t have to pay anything extra. This new feature will once again make sure that with Whalebone, there are really no blind spots in their security architecture.

More to come

In the following weeks, we will share news about a whole new cloud resolver and new features of our Admin Portal, providing our customers with even better ways to configure Whalebone and analyse the incidents. Stay tuned!

Exciting times

Whalebone is going through really exciting times. There are things to be hyped about all the time. Do you want to join the ride? Take a look at our current openings!