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Product updates and development plan for Whalebone Immunity

We have just released several new features which encompass some smaller, but rather useful improvements to make your life easier. Below you will find a short description, along with a teaser for what we are working on now.

History of changes in Allow / Deny lists

Has it happened to you that you've added domains to a deny list and forgot why they are there after two years? Or who added them? Not anymore, now you can see the complete history of who and when added the domains to the list. Moreover, now you can add a note explaining why they were added. No more mess in filtered domains.

History of changes in Allow _ Deny lists

Content category change through your dashboard

Have you ever found an incorrectly categorized domain in your Content filter dashboard? We are improving our categorization model every day but some domains can slip between our fingers. Let us know with just one click, we’ll check it for you and make a correction.

Change a category in the Content dashboard

Report domain as malicious through your dashboard

Have you found a dangerous domain in your DNS Traffic which is not detected as a threat and you think it should be? Give us heads up directly through the DNS Traffic dashboard, we will verify the domain and add it to the filter if truly malicious. Let’s build a stronger security for everyone.

Report malicious domain in UI

Is this domain blocked?

Do you want to test if the domain is truly blocked directly on the resolver? Use the new button “Is this domain blocked?” in the resolver context menu. It is quite useful for any troubleshooting and it also shows you the decision logic in the output for deeper debugging. As always, our support is happy to help if needed.

Is this domain blocked_-1

What we are working on now?

Do you want to look under the hood to see what is cooking for the next time?

Home Office Security via Mobile Device Management

Distribution of the Home Office Security agents can be a challenging task, especially with cell phones. Not anymore, we are going to announce support for automatic enrollment via MDM solutions, which allow you to distribute the Home Office Security application with a single click in your MDM.

Advanced Multi-tenancy

Scaling is a real challenge, especially in the complex structure like governmental or Managed (Security) Service Provider. Soon, we will introduce organization management in the tree structure, with separated traffic and easy management of multi-tenant user access.

Do you want to take a deeper dive into what is planned for the future? Check out our brand new Product roadmap with new features in development or considering to be developed. We would love to hear your feedback and opinions.

Go to the product roadmap