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Provide a Comprehensive Security Solution That Everyone Will Understand

Cybersecurity is complex with many different approaches and tools, and to many people, end users, and senior management alike, it is a black box that few understand. It is even poorly understood by many in technical roles, whose exposure to it in an academic sense may be in passing only. But the end result is clear: mention cybersecurity, most people immediately stop paying attention because they are used to seeing only complex explanations and a lot of buzzwords, such as Zero-Trust Network, Zero-Day Threat, Machine Learning, and many others which have no meaning to them.

Even if you are not security-savvy, the need for using a secured Internet connection exists because nearly every electronic device is connected to the internet in today’s world. There is a strong need to have at least some idea how to stay safe and more importantly, why.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

Let’s start with the why. Why should you care about cybersecurity? We are all busy and it does not even matter what we do, there are always extra things that add more work – one day the car will not start, or the washing machine starts to leak, your phone stops working, and anything else that can break can and will break.

Understandable Cybersecurity at your Fingertips

By securing your devices, you increase the amount of your free time. Do you wonder how is that possible? If you have a device that is infected, it generally performs worse and takes a lot of your Internet bandwidth, forcing you to wait longer before the device gets up and running, or before the Internet content loads. Alternatively, if someone gets to your computer and manages to get a hold of your login credentials, in the best case scenario you have to only change all of your passwords and clean your computer. In the worst case scenario you lost your money and have to deal with the police and the bank. You do not want to wait any longer than necessary or to waste your time fixing the damage caused by malicious hackers, so why would you tolerate something that can be easily prevented by… clicking yes and paying the price of one coffee per month for it? That is literally it, you can be secure without any additional hassle, you do not have to install anything, update anything, or in total, think about it at all and can focus more on things that matter to you. You will not have to go through complicated manuals on how to get your TV to a usable state again because it mines cryptocurrency and you can not watch anything on it.

It is nearly impossible to sell something that only a few people understand. Change the angle and do not explain it in technical terms, but focus on what problems it solves for the customers and that it will not drain their precious time, because after all, time is a finite resource.

Enter Whalebone Aura

Telcos have a unique positioning. Only they have the means to introduce affordable and easy-to-implement cybersecurity to their end users. Not only can they secure every connected mobile phone, but they can easily secure every household and business within their network. All of this is achievable with Whalebone Aura. Having a cybersecurity service that impacts the customers’ experience only in a positive way is a big differentiator between you, and your competitors. Be ahead of them, offer your customers something that the others have not thought about implementing before. With adoption rates over 50 %, you can expect to boost your ARPU by at least 5 %.

Bringing Light to Darkness

Cybersecurity is perceived as something complex and hard to maintain, but you can offer your customers means to be secure without any continuous time investment on their end and in a way they will understand. With the shortest implementation times on the market, you can start now and you will already see the results in the next quarter.

Get in touch with us and learn more about how we can help you introduce a new cybersecurity solution to your customers in a way they want and will understand.